A Tour

A Tour
I finished eating and then moved into the kitchen to start cleaning up. Alex raised his eyes brow questioningly. “You cooked. I can clean up.”

I nodded. “I know you can. But I don’t take care of it, it’ll drive me nuts. The whole change thing, the patterns mess up cause it’s outta order. I’ll be better with it cleaned up, now instead of later.”

Alex sighed. “You really are a pain in the ass.” He said as he got up off the stool and started collecting the dishes.

“Not yet.” I grinned and hip checked Alex at the sink as he moved in next to me to wash the dishes.

“Go put the food away. I’ll have it later.”

“Yes, sir.” I pressed a kiss to his temple and wrapped the remaining chicken rolls in tin foil and put the pasta and pesto in separate bowls.

Alex sighed when he saw me putting the three things in the fridge. “You could have put it all in one thing.”

“No way. Then the pasta drinks all the pesto sauce. And the chicken gets all mushy. This way you can just pop the chicken in the oven for ten and warm and melt the cheese again. You can microwave the pasta and the pesto together but I’d just do the pasta and keep the pesto cold, maybe mix in some more olive oil to thin it out a little.”

Alex dried his hands on paper towels. “I’m going to go with my first statement. You are a pain in the ass.”

I smirked. “And I’m still going with, Not yet.”

Alex groaned, “Alright, come on. Tour first and then I want dessert.”

“Hey, I’m not a piece of meat.” I joked.

Alex eyed me and reached for my hoodie and unzipped it pushing it from my shoulders. “I’ll be the judge of that.”

He was obviously checking me out and I was more than happy to have his eyes all over me. Fuck I wanted more than his eyes all over me.

Alex growled. “Come on.” He stumbled away from me and grabbed his guitar. “This way.” He pointed to the door farthest from us. “That’s the spare bedroom, I use for an office.” He didn’t show it to me. He put his guitar in the other hand and pointed to the other end of the room. “The only bathroom is down this way.” He started walking in that direction.

The bathroom was nice. It had a shower and a bath off to the side of it but in a separate room for the both. It was kinda cozy. The bathroom was big comparatively speaking. We walked back towards the one door we’d walked past. “This is my room.”

He pushed open the door and I smelled him. And nothing else as he lead me inside. He didn’t shut the door as he put his guitar on the stand in the corner. His bed wasn’t made, it was a mess. But other than that it was neat and tidy. Alex sighed, “I wasn’t expecting guests.”

I shrugged. “It doesn’t bother me. You leave it a mess all the time so it look fine.”

“But you make your’s.”

“But I’ve always made mine. It was a rule growing up, kinda like boot camp and the military.”

Alex nodded knowingly, “Okay, you sure.”

I nodded and sat down on top of the mussed up bed. “Yeah, no need to worry about making it messier.” I grinned at him, “I assume that is part of the goal?”

Alex shook his head and pulled me off as he tossed the blankets to the other side of the and flopped face first on top of his pillows. “I was serious, my neck hurts now.”

I rolled my eyes. “So dramatic.” I tugged at his t-shirt as he laid their. “If you want a proper back rub you need to lose the shirt.”

He rolled over and looked up and me and the view went straight to my cock. Alex smirked as he stood up and tossed his shirt into the corner after he pulled it up over his head. He reached around me and grabbed my phone from my back pocket. “I’m going to put this on Do Not Disturb” He looked at me to make sure I wasn’t panicking, “You’re alarms should still come through.”

I nodded. “I know. I use it at night.”

Alex smiled. “This okay?” He set my phone on the nightstand and set his next to it after fiddling with his own settings. I nodded when he looked at me. He smirked, “Good now you are all mine.”

“I was already all yours.” I said softly.

Alex shook his head. “No you would have left if someone told you something happened on your big case.”

I shrugged. “You’ll never know now – will you?” I shoved Alex gently and he sat down. I spun my finger so he’d lie on his stomach.

“Bossy, I swear!” He laughed as he laid down with his hand underneath his cheek He kicked off his shoes and I shoved them to the floor. He closed his eyes. “The mess isn’t gonna make you agitated will it?”

“I’ll let you know when things start getting too much, alright? You don’t have to keep asking.”

He rolled on to his side just as I was about to sit on his hot rear. He smirked up at me. “I don’t want to freak you out at all, Nox. Not even a little. I want this to go well.”

“It’s going great. I’ll let you know when it gets too much. I promise, I’m not fragile.”

Alex sighed and laid back down, “You could have fooled me.” Alex settled again and I sat down with a leg on either side of his back and sitting on his ass. I used a little fire and air to warm my hands before I touched Alex’s back. I could make them cold or use electricity to create unique effects but I figured the basics were all we needed considering I was pretty sure he wasn’t in any real pain. Though I wasn’t going to pretend that I didn’t want to be doing this. My body was almost shaking as I touched him the first time. My fingers kneading into the tense muscles of his neck.

I spoke softly as I worked the neck muscles of the man underneath me, “There has just been a lot of stress the past few days. I’m not usually quite so volatile. You make me nervous among other things.”

“Why do I make you nervous?” Alex asked in a much more relaxed voice than I’d heard from him since I’d met him. He was home. In his own space, and relaxed. I liked him like this.

“I don’t date. I don’t take guys numbers and keep them, much less call them back. I haven’t been with a guy in a few years. It’s just all new and yet you make me feel safe and like I’ve done this a thousand times before. I know it sounds crazy but you smell and feel like home.”

Alex just groaned as I hit a particularly tight knot and worked on it as I worked my way lower from his neck down his back. He’d given me a tour of his place and now I was using my fingers to tour his body. I’d done it a little before, but this was with a purpose. I was memorizing every tense spot, and ticklish spot and cataloging each groan and shift of his body. Alex was completely relaxed underneath me and I thought I heard him snore a few times before he woke

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