New Old Players

I got Walker to the Infirmary with little incident. He looked better, and there was no blood except what was on his clothes, but I insisted. Walker only half agreed when one of the nurses rushing towards us was a hot little number he was awed. I rolled my eyes as Walker turned back to me with a wink. I shouted after him, “Go for it!” It was an attempt at embarrassing him a little.

The dragon in tow walked with me. She’d stopped yelling when I offered to help her and it didn’t matter now that we were in the AU building anyway. I released her bonds as I pushed open the fishbowl doors. Dae’lin hated when I used the conference room but it never stopped me. Besides that was base camp.

Anabel Dowager and another man were pouring over the maps and information lying on the table. “Find anything interesting?” I asked them as I pointed to a seat for Trix to sit.

Anabel looked up at me, “What about you? Did you bring us another Dragon to put on trial?”

I looked at Trix and her eyes went wide with fear. I grinned at her, “Nope, she’s going to help me find Ye Pan, The Dragon in charge.”

The look I got from the dragon hacker was relief and uncertainty. I looked at Anabel, “Walker got bit by a vamp, he’s in the Infirmary.”

That made her stand up straight and stalk to me. “How fucking dare you get one of my agents killed?”

“He’s not dead. I saved his fucking ass. Don’t you remember what I can do, or didn’t you hear?” I bragged.

Anabel looked at me, “You aren’t even a little worried?”

I shook my head, “Worst he’s gonna have is a little fatigue from blood loss.” I shrugged. There was nothing wrong with Walker.

“Where’s the vampire that bit him?” Anabel asked.

“Someplace he won’t hurt anyone else. Don’t worry about it.” I said, “Wicked you still with me?”

He giggled, “Of course. Such a great thing hanging with you like this.”

“Can you come here and help me watch Trix do her thing. I can watch but I’m not going to know what she’s doing.”

Sage laughed, “I thought you’d never ask. Do I have to come in. Give her your laptop and a hard line and I can do everything I need from here.”

“Sounds good my lovely Eye in the Sky. Put it on the tab too.”

“You betcha.” Sage giggled as he set to work again I could hear the tapping of his keyboard over the line.

I pulled my laptop over to Trix. “Find the Dragon’s exact location for me. The Wicked Truth is watching you so no funny stuff.”

Trix rolled her eyes. “You know Chevalier and The Wicked Truth. I don’t believe you.”

A message in bright read letters appeared on the screen as if someone were typing them.

tWT: You better believe he knows me and Chevalier.
I chuckled as she started to furiously type a response But I turned away they could do their own chatting I didn’t need to watch I trusted Sage.

“Now, I ask you again, what are you doing here?”

The man looked up, he was clearly human. His pattern was nothing, not even sensitive to the occult. “I could ask the same of you.”

“I’m in charge of this case.” I said. “Or so I was when I left this room last.”

He looked from Anabel to me and stood up from his position stooped over the table. “Detective Ortega, of the NYPD.” He didn’t offer his hand, “Mrs. Dowager was just showing me the case files. She has reason to believe this was an inside job.”

“And you think it’s me” Great.” I rolled my eyes.

He smirked, “Should it be you?”

Dae’lin spoke from the open doorway. I’d smelled her perfume before she spoke. “He’s used to getting the blame Detective.”

“Does he do this often then?”

“Do what often?” I asked.

“Get involved in insider trading and conspiracies that we’ve been looking into for the past year.”

“Let me guess your security teams have been after the hackers on the stock exchange for months. And someone stole the blueprints for the city’s infrastructure right under their noses. Thus the inside job.”

“What do you know?”

I shrugged. “I know they’ve been planting little programs in banks around the city all tied to the same grid as the exchange. I have one of the programs they used. I also can get you the name on the lease where these plans came from.”

I looked at Trix and she nodded, “He says got it.”

“He can’t tell me that himself?” I asked.

“He cut the line, figured you didn’t need him anymore.”

I nodded. “Alright.”

Trix rattled off the address. “The lease is under Emerson Gideon.” Trix looked at me, “He works for the city planners.”

“There is your insider.”

“Where is he?” Detective Ortega asked.

“Not here anymore.” I said.

I looked at Anabel and hoped she had an explanation.

Anabel smiled at the Detective. “He’s in holding per all our traditions and we will release the trial as per our agreement.” She led him away but looked at me, “Good luck in finding The Dragon. I expect a full report on my desk.”

I nodded. In other words, she’d handle the deliverance of the results to the humans. But he knew too much if he was in this building, I wondered what Detective Otega was really doing.

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