No Hope

Walker and Simon took the man and the kid. Well at least they started to until the boy started screaming. I got a glare from both men. Walker was carrying the screaming kicking netherdragon over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I sighed. “I’ll take him.” I led out my arms and the boy reached for me. Walker let him go and the boy happily climbed into my arms. He rested his head against my neck and and wrapped his tiny arms around it. I held him close and I knew he was taking deep breaths much like I did when someone was comforting me.

The other two men stared at me. But it was Walker who spoke. “Must be good with kids.” He said to Simon and they both took the man on the subway. The three of us would walk.

It wasn’t a long walk but it was long enough. We walked in silence for a while until I let her restraints go a little. “If you shoot fire at me again I’ll keep them on.” I said.

She breathed a sigh of relief when I let the ones near her mouth go completely.

“Don’t hurt him!”

“I have no intentions of hurting him. Talk to me and things will go better for you.” I said with a smile.

“There is nothing to say. You have no hope, The Dragon will take this world down. He’ll kill me if you don’t.” She said without much prompting.

“How does he plan on doing that?” I asked.

She shook her head and said nothing the rest of the way to the AU building. So I chatted with her son instead. I found out he liked snoopy and cars. And I told him I’d come back and get his things so that he’d have them. But it wouldn’t be until tomorrow. Which he was fine with as he fell asleep on my shoulder.

The dragon walking beside me watched us but never said anything but I felt her eyes on me. We took the service elevator as it was easier to haul a mark up it than to try the public elevators. And I freaked out less too.

The back of the offices were quiet. Drake was snoring on my shoulder. He was warm. Almost too warm. But he was half dragon so I imagined that might be normal for him. I hoped he wasn’t getting sick.

I took my two dragons to the fishbowl. They hated when I did that – when I put my marks on display. It was both intimidating for the mark and the Venatori but I did it mostly to piss them off. Though I was pretty sure that I did it so they wouldn’t get killed on the spot. Public executions weren’t something the Venatori did often.

I wove air and tied it all off nice and pretty, her hands were still tied and I prayed she didn’t shoot fire from her throat. “Be good and I’ll give you him to hold until they take him away.”

She nodded and I handed her Drake. He curled up in her arms and went back to sleep. I felt decidedly colder without the little dragon keeping me warm.

I knocked on Dae’lin’s office and she looked up from her computer to me at the door. I grinned at her and nodded in the direction across the hall. “Got you a mommy dragon and her half human son. Walker and Simon should be bringing in her human partner. She mentioned the Dragon wasn’t going to stop and it might be something we want to look into so I suggest someone try to get answers.”

I glanced at the watch on my wrist, “I’m going to go grab a shower and go to sleep, since those two dips killed my date.”

“You had a date?” Dae’lin asked. “I didn’t think you were doing that anymore.” Dae’lin sounded surprised.

I grinned at her. “I didn’t think I was dating either but when a pair of blue eyes tells me to be someplace it was kinda hard to say no.” I waved and turned on my heel and walked down the hall. I had a feeling I’d be back tomorrow anyway, I doubt they’d get anything from her much less anything useful and all they wanted to do was kill her anyway. But right now, I had better things to do – more pressing issues to freak out over. Like the fact that Alex had seen my back and he walked out on me. Just fuck, I had to explain things. I couldn’t leave it like that.

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