Hacking the Fishbowl

Sage and Trix were in communication. And if I knew Sage well enough, and I did, he was hard wired into the Venatori system and had remote wifi and access and he was setting up a back door so that he could get in anytime he wanted. And under normal circumstances I probably would have stopped him. But since I wasn’t living here anymore having access to Venatori systems sounded like a good option to me. I could work from home.

But that set up a lot of security risks too. People could get into the Venatori records and the FBI or some other government agent might start poking around even more. That could be bad for the Venatori. That would be bad for the Supernatural.

I sighed. “He Wicked, please don’t open my world up to the humans with a hack.”

Sage laughed in my ear. “Baby, I’d never put you in harms way. Promise. I’m monitoring the connections, I promise. I have the best firewalls installed and I’m making sure that it’s all kosher. I promise.

I nodded. “I’m going to get some pizza and whatever else Trix wants you want to order what you need while you work and add it to the tab. Just no cavier or champagne alright?”

“Got it boss.” I looked at Trix, “Pizza, what else?”

“Chocolate and Mountain Dew.” She chirped at me but never looked up.

Dae’lin grinned, “I’ll watch her, you go do what you need to do.”

I nodded. “I’m gonna check on Walker too, he really did get bit by a vampire.”

Dae’lin nodded. “I know. But he had the right guy with him, so that was his win.”




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