Before the Party

My brothers were right on point. They stole my phone from me, called all my friends, and by the time lunch rolled around I was checking out my new gym downstairs while they went off to get groceries for me. Laker said, “We know it’s not Sunday but we got it.” And they did.

I used the large empty space for a yoga combo body weight workout session that actually had someone join me. She was a cute blonde. I expected she was hitting on me, part of the time. It felt good to be wanted. I worked through my lunch time where I should have been meeting Alex, but he wasn’t around. No idea what he was doing. I still hadn’t heard from him other than that simple text.

I’d sent him a few more texts. One showing off the TV in my living room, and the other the empty closet. It simply said, ‘You’d be at home.’

I sat on the floor sipping water as the blonde cooled down. “Name’s Sandra.”

“Nox.” I said with a nod. I wasn’t really wanting to be chatty.

“You should teach a class, that was an epic workout.”

“I’m up too early usually.” I said as an excuse.

“Oh, what time?” She asked.

“Usually doing that routine about 4 in the morning.”

“Damn. Why you doing it now then?”

I yawned, “I didn’t get any sleep last night, so first thing on my list was coffee and then I started putting my kitchen together. Just moved in.”

She giggled. “Why didn’t you just let it set a little while longer?”

“That won’t work.” I said. “I gotta go. I’m sure my brothers are screwing things up in my apartment.”

“What room?” She asked as she stood up, stretching her long lean limbs and thrusting her chest out at me to show how limber she was.

It made me chuckle at the obvious flirting. “30C.” I said.

“I’m 4A.” She said sweetly, “Stop by if you need anything.”

I gave her a nod and headed for the stairs.

She called after me down the hall, “Wait you are gonna run thirty flights of stairs?”

I gave her a bright smile, “You betcha.” And I didn’t wait around to see her reaction. 30 flights of stairs was nothing. Piece of cake and I was loving every second of it.

N: Some girl was just flirting with me in the gym. Should have seen her…

I got to my room and was about to punch in the code when my brothers piled off the elevator with Mia and Naya in tow. So much for a shower I thought to myself.

Naya rushed towards me and wrapped her arms around my legs and hugged me tightly. “Happy Birthday, Uncle Nox.”

“Thanks sweetheart.” I said as I picked the little girl up and placed a kiss on her tiny little cheek.

Mia started to wrap her arms around me then stopped, “Wait, you just ran the stairs, where were you before that?”

“In the gym trying to ignore a blonde who thought I was hot.”

Mia giggled then pulled Naya from me, “Go get a shower. You’re gross.”

I grinned at Mia. “Yes, ma’am. Where’s Jace?” Not that I wanted to see him, I was even more pissed at him than usual.

“He and his friends went out, so it’s just me and Naya. I thought he was going to make us go with him, but he said he it was just the guys this time.”

I nodded. “Well I’m glad you could make it.”

I punched in the code and headed into my bedroom and as I passed the shower turned on the water. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad a birthday after all.

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