My Brother

I got called to Dae’lin’s office. It was a normal call. But she said no rush. So I took my time walking to her office. It was down a few floors and I took the stairs anytime it wasn’t a rush.

It was a short walk but I made it last an hour. But really it wasn’t my fault. I ran into Nick. He was in deep conversation with a blonde woman who had him awkwardly pinned to the wall. “Nick, come on. We’d be perfect together. Can’t you see it.”

Nick sighed. “Leigh, I….”

I walked up to my half brother with a grin. He saw me she didn’t. I leaned against the wall next to him and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Hey lover, you got a friend?”

Nick smirked. It wasn’t the first time I’d fended off unwanted aggressors for him. Just the first girl. “No, babe. She’s just some girl.”

“She doesn’t look like just some girl. You sure you didn’t bring me a present?”

Leigh looked at me in horror. I grinned at her. “Nick is a great fuck but he only fucks guys. You would be better off with me duckling.”

She shuddered and then turned back to Nick.”I’ll catch up with you later Nick.”

We both watched her walk down the hall. Nick was fighting back his laughter and when she turned the corner he lost it. Did you see the look on her face?”

I grinned at him. “Progeny program?” I asked.

He nodded. Then started down the hall the way I was going. “Yeah. Leigh has me as one of her top picks. I don’t know the fuck why. She knows I’m gay.”

“Biological clocks are ticking.” I laughed.

“She’s 25. Fuck I’m 25. Henry is going to kill me.”

“For what? You did nothing wrong.”

“For letting you kiss me.” He joked.

“I more than kissed him if you remember.”

Nick laughed. “I still can’t believe you told him to give me a go because you couldn’t.”

I shrugged. “It was the truth and you know we would have if you hadn’t gotten handsy we’d have made it somewhere to get naked together. ”

“Before we were brothers.”

“Before we knew any way.”

“Who is on your list? ” Nick asked. “Not seen or heard of anyone wanting you.”

“No idea. No one wants a minorem.”

Nick headed for the elevator and I waved him on. “Thanks bro.” Nick said with a wave. And I headed in Dae’lin’s direction.

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