It’s Early

Alex fell asleep and I sat staring down at him just watching his chest rise and fall. I was afraid to move and wake him but I had to go to the bathroom. Fucking biological functions interrupting things. I slide slowly off the side of the bed and he grumbled a little before I was out the door. I whispered, “I’ll be right back.”

And for all intensive purposes I was. I just went to the bathroom. I didn’t even check to see if my eyeliner was smeared. I heard Alex waking up and I didn’t want to worry him. But as I stepped back inside the bedroom I saw him looking around in a panic. “I’d never leave without waking you first.” I said. “I just had to go to the bathroom.”

He didn’t say anything as he waggled his finger and rolled over into the middle of the bed and pulled me down next to him when I gave him my hands. Alex was shaking. “You okay?” I whispered against his neck.

“A bad memory, that’s all. I’m better with you right here. Don’t do that again okay?”

I nodded. “I think I can manage that.” I smirked at up at him.

Alex smiled at me and pressed a soft kiss to my lips. The soft kiss evolved quickly into teeth and tongues and a frenzy of all the fucking times we’d stalled out in the middle things. Alex ended up lying on top of me, his body pressing into mine. Our hips pushing against the other looking for friction as we kissed deep. Alex shifted and I tilted my head so he could get at my neck and I shivered as his tongue and lips trailed down over my jaw to a spot on my neck that Alex worried with his teeth and then ran his tongue over soothing it. Sucking and biting and I couldn’t help the sounds that left my lips as my fingers dug into the skin of his back.

Alex grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and yanked it over my head, my arms above my head and he smirked as his left my arms in the shirt and I had to untangle myself but his fingers were running the length of my chest over the claw marks there. He took a deep breathe and shimmied down and kissed the marks on my chest. “You didn’t tell me the bear got you too.”

I tried to think when I had mentioned the bear. But Alex’s fingers and tongue were distracting and I couldn’t think beyond his touch. I reached into Alex’s hair with one hand and he grabbed my wrists and pressed them above my head and kissed me long and hard pinning me still beneath him. “Now I need to start all over.” His voice was deep with lust and I withered underneath him. “Stay put.” He said as he moved from my lips to my neck. He nipped at the spot he’d been playing with before and I tried not to groan at the tender spot as he moved down to pay attention to the scars along my chest. He took a nipple in his mouth and ran his tongue around hit before he bit softly at first, and then again harder, over again until I was arching my back and he moved to the other one and was paid the same through attention to it.

He worked his way lower until he was running his tongue along the rim of my belly button. I was whimpering by the time he delved his tongue into the center of my belly and it felt like he was doing the same thing to my cock each time.

Alex sat between my legs and stared at me. I met his eyes and couldn’t help the whimper that escaped as he just stared at me with that smirk. “I think I like how well you behave.”

I beamed at him and bit my bottom by lip. “Always.”

We sat that for uncountable seconds just staring at each other. The longer I looked at him the more I wanted Alex. It wasn’t just sex, he was fucking hot, something more to it than that. It was like coming home. And when Alex leaned down and kissed me, I was lost to that feeling. I didn’t care what happened outside of that moment. I was home.

Each kiss was heaven. Every touch made me moan. His hands on me, my hands on him and nothing else mattered, just me and him. It had been early when we had dinner. Earlier than usual, but by the time we were both lying in each others arms, our hearts pounding, catching our breath the sun had set and the hours grew late. I should have gone home. I knew waking up in his bed at 4am was going to cause problems, but his arms around me felt too good. I never wanted to leave. I wanted to stay this moment. Never in all my life and anyone made me feel like this. I drifted off to sleep with thoughts of blue eyes and Alex’s arms wrapped around me, his body pressed against mine and I was safe. Everything about the morning to come I’d deal with then, right now the only thing that mattered was Alex and me.

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