My Nephew, The Intern

My Nephew, The Intern
I headed to the basement to see if I could get our IT department tracking the numbers that Val had given me. I could probably wait until I went to see Sage with Ant, but I didn’t want to push my luck with him. I loved Sage, but he often forget that I don’t like change so he thought he must stay the same no matter what around me, when I know he’s changed. We weren’t kids anymore. I didn’t need constant attention. But it was better to use IT as best as I could otherwise they got snippy when I used resources outside the AU building.

It was bad enough I was taking the USB drive to Sage. I’d have preferred Jack, but I hoped a favor from Cari would be enough of an incentive for Sage to do his thing.

The basement felt like a dungeon. It was dark and creepy and I felt the darkness closing in on me. I needed to go sooner rather than later. My current mood state of mind was going to flounder without sunlight. I knocked on the IT room door. It was basically a closet then it opened into more rooms behind it – the servers and such. Whatever magic the Venatori did for information. It wasn’t connected to the outside world. We were lucky even a small amount of our stuff was computerized. We were so stuck in the 80s.

I grinned the moment I recognized the boy sitting at the desk. I knew he interned for IT having a knack for computers and more importantly video games. Nate was Iris’s second youngest son and one of the few nephews who actually acknowledge that I was their uncle. But most of Iris’s children did, Adam’s not so much. But then Adam hardly acknowledge that I was his brother.

Nate looked up with a grin at me. “Hey Uncle Nox. What can I do you for?”

I pulled the napkin out of my pocket. “I need names and/or addresses for the phone numbers here.” I set the napkin on his desk and he frowned at me.

“You couldn’t have a better document?”

I laughed, “That’s how I got it. Do you need me to fill out some sort of form or something?”

Nate sighed and shook his head, “No, I’ll just have to type it all in anyway so this will work. What’s the case number?” Nate groaned, “Nevermind, I’ll just ask Dae’lin. I know you don’t know.”

I grinned. “You are getting better at this.”

“You are supposed to know these things, you are the only person who ignores protocol.”

I shrugged, “You should have a form I can fill out online so I don’t have to even come down here.”

Nate sighed, “I’m trying, seriously, Uncle Nox. I know we could make this so much more streamlined. Mom and Dad finally agreed that I can go to college after this to learn that kinda stuff. They said I could usher in a new era.”

“Sounds great, Nate. I know a few people who can help you if you need it.”

“Why didn’t you just get Sage to do this?”

“Because it needs to be official so I can hunt down the numbers ‘legally’.” I airquoted legally since we weren’t exactly legal in any sense of the word.

Nate laughed. “Alright. I see I’m just second fiddle.”

“You learn to do what Sage and Jack can do and I’ll come to you first.” I said. And it was the truth, I wouldn’t have to pay out favors if I could get the work done in house. Not that I minded the current currency I used out in the real world.

“Mom says we need to have dinner again. She wants that recipe for the lemon garlic chicken. She raves about it every time Dad’s parents are over for dinner. How it paired so well with the white wine.”

“It’s not difficult. I’ll write it down and get it to her.”

“You okay otherwise, Nox?” Nate sighed, “Mom, worries.”

“She does not. She wants to know when I’ll have little babies so Dad can dote on someone else.”

Nate grinned. “Yeah. Uncle Marius and Uncle Tobias don’t seem interested. And Uncle Nick…” He didn’t finish the sentence. Nick was with Henry and they were happy and there was no procreation going on there despite all the sex I knew they were having. And apparently Nate knew that too since he was a bright red. “Henry’s nice, though.”

I nodded, “He is.” I nodded towards the napkin, “When do you think I might get some answers?”

Nick shrugged, “End of the day, the earliest. Tomorrow morning looks better. I have to go up the chain after I call Dae’lin and get all the information entered and stuff. Someone will have to be assigned and you know how it is.”

I nodded, “I’ll let you get to it then.” I gave my nephew a grin and waved as I headed out the door. I liked Nate.

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