Ant’s Favor Returned

My dreams were epic until they weren’t. I remembered more of the things I’d forgotten with Alex. I remembered the first time we met and how much I needed a friend after Mushu died. I remembered it in a sad way. Mushu dying, but finding my imaginary friend there was a paramount moment in my life. He gave me hope. That maybe someone would love me. And then the nightmares started and I don’t remember anything more.

I wish I knew why. Why was I blocking Alex? I knew there had to be a good reason. And deep down in my gut I knew it had to do with Garrett. I would find out. I’d probably need Margo’s help.

My nightmares were even epic, on the other side of the scale so not really epic, what’s the opposite? I sighed as I laid in bed staring at the ceiling. I should find some blood red sheets, I’d have to wash less then.

It was still dark, Ant was up. I tugged my phone off the charger and dialed Ant’s number by heart. It rang a few times before he picked up. “I was just thinking about you.” He answered.

“Good things, I hope?”

“Curious things.” He laughed.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. You had a bad night didn’t you?”

“Yeah.” I nodded though I knew Ant couldn’t see. “I was thinking I should get some blood red sheets.”

Ant chuckled. “I don’t think it would hide the blood any better. And you clean it with your magic anyway, no one knows.”

“I guess.”

“You okay?” Ant asked.

“Perfect -ly lonely and falling into a depression I can feel it. The paranoia is seeping in and it’s making the anxiety worse. I need to go for a run. A nice long one that lasts forever.”

“You can’t run forever.”

I sighed. “I can make it feel like it, though.”

Ant chuckled again, “I can take you to the beach and you can finish that window you are working on.”

I rolled my eyes. “No that’s okay. I worked your favor last night. I had to sleep though. Deacon should be in Vegas. He seems to always hole up at some low rent joint just off the strip. He goes by different alias’s but it’s always that same joint, it might be family. I’ll send you the info in the text.”

Ant was making notes as I spoke and he nodded, “I have to go take care of this for Johnny, you going to be alright for a few days without me at your beck and call.”

I laughed, “You are just a phone call away.”

“I’m just a call away.” Ant agreed. “If you need immediate assistance you can call my Dad. He can help you out any hour unlike me.”

“Yeah I’m going to call the third scariest vampire in the middle of the day so he can come baby sit some little vampire I find.”

Ant laughed, “He’s only third eh?”

“You are second.” I said with a smile, then added, “But you don’t even throw a shadow against your mother’s scariness.”

Ant snorted as he laughed hard, “I’ll have to tell her that. I think she feels the same about you. Her first scariest nightmare, maybe her second, since fire is pretty big fear.”

“I need to crawl out of bed and get moving or I’ll start to have a panic attack. I’ll talk with you when you get back.” I said and after Ant’s ‘later’ I hung up. And I did crawl out of bed and I did yoga in my bedroom, and then took a shower. I was running a little late, so I grabbed a coffee from the shop across the street and then headed to the AU building at a leisurely walk. The sun was hardly up and that was fine with me. My brothers didn’t need me to feed them, though I probably should have asked how their guys night out went. I’d have to remember to do it when I got home.

I had too much on my mind so I threw myself into work- even if it was way before eight in the morning. I had a job to do and I had to figure out what these other people were doing, and check in with the team to see if we had all the bombs in check. Fuck there was a lot of work to do.

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