The Tattoo

Sleep came sans blue eyes but the red never failed to haunt me. I was up and going and looking through the files that Ms. Dowager had delivered to me while I was gone to Ant’s. The files were stacked high on my counter blocking any use of the counter except for a small spot for Fee which I’d put her milk in without really seeing things last night. I worked at the couch while I ate my breakfast. I had an appointment at 9:30 there was no point going into the office.

And all the files where here anyway. There were a lot of dragon cases over the past few years. From all over the world.

I flipped through one with a dragon breathing fire from his mouth in Germany. I couldn’t read the article the picture was in but I didn’t need to I saw the dragon shadow in the picture and the face was clearly human as fire shot out of his mouth like some parlor trick on the street.

Another one in Australia with the same basic MO. There were three in the US in the past three years and all of them had video attached. I combed through each video looking for anything of note. And that’s when I saw it. The tattoo. Dragon’s much like gangs had distinct marks for which faction they belonged to. It was a brand on their scales, but it translated to a tattoo on their skin in human form. All dragons belonged to a faction and there were only a few – The Last Phoenix, The Crimson Leopards, The Ravagers,The Ebony Lions ,and The Golden Clan. Each one had a very specific mark. The Golden Clan being the only clan without a brand. I suppose each dragon was branded as a child to forgo their association with the Golden Clan, but I didn’t know the politics of it all. I likely would never know.

But all five cases with photo evidence that I had looked at each dragon had the same tattoo – the phoenix rising. Even my bank robbers had the same mark. The human wore a black leather cut but it was not marked on his skin. I was surprised they let the man wear the mark at all. Dragons didn’t typically associate with humans.

Now I only had to find out where the Last Phoenix liked to hang out here in New York. That was going to be the fun part. Dragon’s weren’t my ‘bread and butter’ though I was often called in on Dragon hunts because I’d survived Dragon’s fire. I guess after seeing Margo I was going to go see my favorite Archivist. I probably had a meeting to go to with Dowager and her lackies too. I should check my schedule before I head that direction, I thought but I didn’t do. My alarm would go off in plenty of time for me to get anywhere inside the AU building.

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