Dusk Arrived

I managed to pack up all of the kitchen things into the brown boxes that were left by Dae’lin’s people. I had them all in my rune stone, along with all the decor I wanted to keep for myself. My living space was all but empty. My closet was empty. I didn’t even pack up the things in the drawer, I just placed the rune stone on top of it and everything was neatly packed away – no fuss.

I was working on packing the bathroom when I heard Ant calling my name, “Hey Nox, you here?”

“In the bathroom.” I shouted and soon my vampire friend was poking his head inside.

“You got approved?” Ant smiled, “I didn’t even know you’d decided.”

“Yesterday, while Alex was here.”

“You okay?” He asked. “Dad, said things were complicated.”

I nodded, “Yeah I need to list out all the things wrong with me. Maybe I can work on them. Maybe Alex will add to it.” I shrugged.

“You are serious about this aren’t you?” Ant asked as he leaned against the door frame.

“I love him, I never got over him.”

“What?” Ant asked.

I grinned at my friend, “You remember the guy from my dreams?”

“You are shitting me?” Ant said as he stepped inside and took the towel from my hands. “He’s your dream guy? Like literally the guy who stood you up?”

I nodded. “And you forgave him?” Ant asked.

“It was a misunderstanding. Jace was an asshole.”

Ant sighed. “Figures. Dude can’t get over you.”

I shrugged. “But we do nothing but fight. He hasn’t answered my texts and he didn’t pick up when I called. He wanted more, but we kept fighting. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m hoping he’ll have lunch tomorrow. Maybe at the new place so I can show him around.”

Ant laughed. “Fuck I want to see this place. Can I even get inside it? I didn’t get blocked, you take the ward down?”

I shook my head. “No.” I held up the rune stone that glowed softly in my hand. “I think this was blocking vampire entrances, and without it attached to the ward system it can’t do the job. Not that it matters, you can come in anytime.”

“That’s good to know.” He smirked, but you did keep the barrier up. “I didn’t have much control over it, or so I thought.”

The bathroom box was full except for the towel Ant was holding. I took it from his hands and packed it away and then sent it to wherever the stone was keeping my things.

Ant nodded, “Nice piece of magic. Mom would love to see it in action I think.”

“I’m hoping she’ll know more about it than I do. Whenever I get a chance to get out that way again.”

“Alright then,” Ant nodded, “So we go to see Sage about a favor, and then we move you into your new place. I’ll stay if you can’t get Alex so you don’t have a full blown panic attack without someone to beat the shit out of you for a bit.”

“I need to make Sage some food, I can do that at his place, while we ask that favor.”

“Oh you get to feed me too. Well shit! I’m in.” Ant laughed. “What more you need to do?”

I looked around the bathroom. “This room is done. Just the bed and the night stands I guess.”

We walked out into the living space and I put the rune stone on the lamp first and it popped away. The nightstands were next and then finally the bed.

Under the bed was a little gross. I was thankful I was leaving. I guess I didn’t clean under there often enough. Two of my boxes sat still on the floor. I sighed as I touched my toy box and sent it to the nether regions where the rest of the stuff was. I stared at the box on the floor. Alex had seen it. I should return it. I’d have to do it later, for now I touched the rune stone too it and it popped away. I looked around at my completely empty apartment.

I summoned the cold storage food from the stone and pulled out some groceries to take to Sage’s. I had enough for four people. I was hungry and I knew everyone else would eat too. I grabbed the rest of the items on the counter and tucked them away in my laptop bag. It wasn’t much but it was all I was taking to my best friend’s house. It was kinda weird I had all my belongings in the bag, and it was hardly even heavy.

5 thoughts on “Dusk Arrived

  1. “Not that it matters, you can come in anytime.”. Somewhere out there, Alex is having seething jealousy rage. :lol:

    By the way, that is an awesome way to pack. Kind of like a small scale Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. :D

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    1. Yeah it was kinda fun to think about. And yeah he’s probably not happy.

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      1. Next time Alex and Nox get together, Nox had better wear some pretty tough armor. ;)

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      2. maybe like a turtle shell??

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      3. 😂😆 Absolutely!

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