Testing My Dragon

Testing My Dragon

The testing rooms were down another wing from where Drake was in daycare/school. But it was on the same floor. The rooms look like interrogation rooms, and they were in a way. We sat at a metal table, in a metal chair that was bolted to the floor. And there was a one way window looking out across it. The room itself was windowless other than that. It was meant to be intimidating.

Room three was occupied as expected and Dorian was sitting across from Drake explaining how things worked. I sat down next to the observer whom I didn’t know. Which meant he was likely a dragon. Or a representative of the dragons.

He held out his hand, “Charles Moquin. I have been sent to determine the best placement for the little nether in question.”

“He’s staying with me, Mr. Moquin.” I said flatly.

He looked at me, “You must be Nox Sétanta. That is not the question I’m here to answer.”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“He will stay here as per the signed documents of his mother and father. She freely admits that she was not coerced and by Dragon law her word is binding. But all Dragons, and nether dragons must be clanned. We cannot have a free agent. He is not Venatori, he is dragon and must follow Dragon law.”

I nodded as I understood, they were going to brand the little dragon soon. I sighed. “So how is he doing?”

“Mr. Vega has just started, he’s explaining to the young dragon about your elemental tests. I find it fascinating. I’ve never seen a Magnus test before. I’m told you hold the record on each test.”

I laughed, “Because I’m Cesari and I can use all the elements at the same time. Drake can be Cesari, whether or not he sees it yet himself, is another question.”

“How do you know this, Mr. Sétanta.”

“It’s Nox. I see patterns. I can tell that you are a golden dragon, I can see your rather small dragon shadow in the patterns, with the bright gold scales. The elements flow into us and out of us, a Dragon’s form their true form in that pattern. Dorian can see all the elements, he could manipulate them if he dared, but he won’t. Drake’s flows similar to Dorian’s but they are stronger, tighter and much more refined. Dorian is Erudite, where as Drake is a Natural.”

“Do you not see the little one’s dragon?”

I shook my head. “No. But I assume that’s because he’s yet to shift. My Dragon science isn’t what it could be.”

“Your dragon science?”

I laughed. “You know, your physiology, your gestation, the rate at which you mature, all the things that make a dragon different from a human, or Venatori.”

“You have an interest in learning such things? To better kill us, I assume.”

I shook my head with a frown. “I don’t kill my marks if I don’t have to Mr. Moquin.”

“It’s Charles.” He interrupted.

I nodded. “Charles, ” I grinned at the man, “I don’t kill if I don’t have to. Hence, Drake being here and his mother too. I want to help the supernatural creatures. I don’t believe we should kill just because, most vampires and werewolves we bring down are just kids, who made mistakes. They can be taught, and that’s what I do with the help of the vampire enforcers and the alphas in the City.”

“In that case, Nox. Most nether’s do shift, more on a human scale though instead of the Dragon equivalent. Most young dragons shift at the age of 20, but by human standards that is like a 5 year old in size. Drake will probably shift late in his teen years, puberty is likely to make that change happen.”

“So you are going to brand a three year old?” I asked.

Charles shook his head. “Yes and no. Drake is being assessed for his aptitude. I will take it to the clans and he will be given a choice of admittance. He has until his shift to decide. Naomi is of the Last Phoenix, he will have that choice, and others may make a bid. Other’s may not.”

“So you’ll fight over him? Or not?” I asked. “What if he didn’t choose at all?”

“It is not possible. A clan must be chosen.” Charles said. He looked through the window. “Look.” He pointed at the four boxes Drake had on end and together like a puzzle. They were throwing off a disco like colors and Dorian was chuckling. He turned to look through the glass. “Nox, you seeing this?”

“I am Dorian. He beat my record didn’t he?”

Dorian chuckled, “This is the only one you didn’t do, so yes.” Dorian nodded towards the little boy and smiled. “Drake, you did well. Now we have Mr. Moquin here who wants to evaluate you, if you think you are up to it.”

His orange eyes blinked at Dorian. “If mama says it’s alright.”

Dorian chuckled. “You’re mother is the one who called Mr. Moquin.”

“Is that true?” I asked the man sitting next to me.

“She did. Highly unusual for the Last to call us. But she was insistent upon it.”

“May I stay and watch?” I asked.

“Of course. You are to be his guardian. And I trust you won’t use your knowledge against us. It could mean all our deaths.

I grinned, “We wouldn’t want that.”

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