The Setting Sun

We laid in my bed. He was holding me against his chest. It could have been more. Could have turned into more but I was still on the edge of a freak out. It don’t take much to push me over the edge. Lack of sleep. Changed up routine. A date. The feeling I should know more. That deja vu feeling was strong when I was with Alex.

I was half a sleep when the alarm sounded that said someone was trying to shadow walk into my apartment. There should only be one person who would even try, but it was a precaution I made regardless. I sat bolt upright when it blared. “Fuck. That’s Ant, trying to get in.”

“What?” Alex asked sounding a little dazed.

“I told you my friends were coming over, He’s a vampire he’s trying to shadow walk into the apartment.” I created a flow of air and fetched my phone so that I could text Ant.

N: I have company hold on.

I turned to Alex and tried to make him feel welcome. “You can stay. I can tell them next week.” Or they could stay, but Alex was already scooting off the bed and hunting for his shoes.

“You need some fun in your life right now I think.” He said. I could hear the disappointment in his voice.

But I sighed with relief, one less thing to worry about. Alex was looking at me with those ice blue eyes and I was having a hard time breathing waiting for him to speak. When he did, he had a request. “Just..”

I waited patiently for his request. I don’t think I could have said no in that moment even if I wanted to. “can you not let the vampire bite you? Please?” The request was very specific. He knew about Ant.

“But..” I started to say but Ant will be hungry, but there was no point saying no, I didn’t want to anyway. There was a nagging feeling inside that told me if I didn’t agree this would end. And I didn’t want it to end. So I nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Just like that?” He asked.

I nodded and Alex pushed the hair that fell into my face away from my eyes. I pressed my head into his hand at the touch and bit back the moan that escaped. I’d do anything, if he stayed. I whispered, “Just like that.”

Alex found his shoes and slipped them on his feet. “Tomorrow.” He said.

I gave him a smile and nodded. I wished he hadn’t left me. I could feel the anxiety rushing through my blood again. I wished he hadn’t left, but there was nothing I could do as he walked out my door. At least there was the promise of tomorrow though.

I texted Ant.

N: You can come through now.

And I brought the shield down and Ant stepped out of the shadow left by my closet into the bed area.

“Company? That I can’t come in on?” Ant asked.

“It wasn’t like that.” I shrugged. “I was giving him the option to stay and I’d send you away.”

Ant’s eyebrow went up in surprise. “He? And you look a mess. He didn’t hurt you did he?”

I shook my head. “No. He was nothing if not kind, Ant. Please don’t.” I looked down and took a deep breath.

Ant chuckled, “He asked you not to feed me didn’t he?”

I nodded as Ant sat down next to me. “The last time you freaked over me biting you, was over a guy.” He smiled. “Serious?”

I shrugged. “I only just met him.”

“But he’s been in your apartment. You never even brought Dan here.” He hung his arm over my shoulder and hugged before getting up. “If that’s the way it’s gotta be then that’s the way it’s gotta be. Jealousy never looks good on anyone though.”

“I know. I mean I think he was jealous but that’s not why I agreed.”

Ant smirked. “I know why you agreed.”

“I don’t think he understands.”

Ant nodded. “He will or he’ll run. Either way I’m here. But not right now. I’m going to find a willing participant. You want me to bring Ry? Or not come back, or what?”

I sighed. “Take me to your place. I need a good beat down.” I grinned at him. “I’ve had a hell of a day and I expect it’s going to be just as bad tomorrow with a date and all.”

“Two days in a row? Holy fuck!” He grabbed my elbow and I stood up and it was instantaneous, I was in the dojo in the Night Life building on the 54th floor.

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