My New Place

Three hours later I was panting to catch my breath as we walked from the Night Life Building. I was sweaty and gross but we were outside and the cool air felt good against my skin. Both Ant and Ryan decided that walking me to my new place was good. They claimed it was just to see that I got there safely, but I knew it was them making sure I didn’t have another panic attack once I got to an empty apartment.

The place was right on the river totally away from the AU building, like completely opposite side of the city. I wasn’t close to anything I knew. That was going to throw everything into chaos. But the building was nice. We walked into a grand lobby. It was elegant. The Venatori spared no expense when they put me up. The rent itself went for 6.5K a year. That was a lot. I really didn’t know how much they usually spent, but for a three bedroom apartment I wasn’t even ranked that high.

I wondered how much Dorian and Kai had to do with this. I’d have to thank both of them. I went up to the front desk where a man in a red uniform stood. His name tag read ‘Milo’. I gave him my best smile. “Good evening. I have a new apartment I was hoping I could move in tonight?”

The boy, he couldn’t be more than 20 if that, Milo I had to remember his name, looked at me then nodded. “Sure thing. Nox Sétanta, correct? Things have been arriving all day for you.”


“Yes, sir. I’m told you have your brothers coming soon and your father has been furnishing the room nearly since we received the lease paperwork yesterday.”

“My father?” I doubted Kai had anything to do with it.

“Tall, dark and handsome, spanish accent. Not your father is he?”

I grinned, “No. That’s Dorian, he’s kinda like my father though so it kinda works. He was my guardian growing up, if that’s any consolation.”

“Actually Mr. Sétanta, it is.”

“It’s Nox, Milo. I’m not Mister anything.”

Milo smiled at me. “You have your apartment number, and the access code is the packet we gave your people. Do you need a tour?”

I shook my head. “No, maybe tomorrow. I want a shower, and to crash.”

“Excellent.” He smiled. “The elevators are over there. I look forward to seeing you again.”

I grinned at him. “I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other, Milo.” He gave me a slight blush for my efforts.

Ryan and Ant were chuckling to themselves as rolled my eyes at them. When we reached the elevator he whispered, “You make all the young boys blush.”

“It’s my charming personality.”

Ant laughed, “Has nothing to do with the fact your entire demeanor says, ‘I’m gay.’ when you flirt with men.”

“He doesn’t have an ‘I’m gay’ vibe. He just has a general fuck me vibe.” Ryan laughed, “He does the same with all the women. You just notice the men because he gets you too with that fuck me vibe.”

Ant sighed, “You know that’s the magic and not me wanting him right?”

Ryan laughed, “That’s what you keep telling me. He’s so delectitable that you can’t resist him.”

We rode the elevator. “I’ll have to find the stairs closest I think. Thirty floors…” I let the words trail off. “That’s nothing.”

Ryan shook his head. “I know I’m strong but I don’t know how you do 30 flights of stairs multiple times a day.”

I grinned at him. “I’m just that good.”

Ryan laughed, “See that’s the fuck me vibe. I’m glad I’m immune.”

“Only because you know I’d never let you.” I quipped back.

Ryan grinned and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. “Oh baby, oh baby oh.” He screamed as the elevators doors opened and a couple standing in the elevator were pale as they waved us on with a mumbled, ‘we’ll take the next one’.

Ryan burst into hysterics and he was barely calmed by the time we reached the thirtieth floor where we got off and easily found my room. I pulled the packet out again and found the key code and the door swung open into a small foray. To the right was a hall and in front of us was a washer/dryer set up. Hell yeah – perks. No more laundromats for me.

Ant and Ryan didn’t hesitate past the threshold and started checking things out. I pulled the rune stone out of the laptop bag and started looking around. There was a lot more furniture than I expected. There was a dinning room table that seated six in front of the kitchen. There was room for my couch and coffee table in front of a flat screen TV already mounted to the wall. In one bedroom there was a pair of bunk beds. The other room was already filled with toddler type things, including a small bed for Drake.

All Dorian’s work. Both of the extra rooms were already decorated with pictures on the wall. I stood in the empty space where and thought about how I wanted the couch to sit and soon it popped out magically in the right orientation.

Ryan gasped, “Fuck me!”

I laughed. “You sure you want to say that?”

He grinned at me. “That was pretty cool.”

“Isn’t it?” I said as I backed up a few paces and the coffee table with the magazines still on top was neatly arranged on the floor in front of the couch.

I guess that other hall was the master room.

I went back and saw it was completely devoid of anything. I unpacked all my things, all my paintings, the bed and my dresser were all neatly arranged with minimal fuss. Dorian was a god! I was going to have to cook a grand meal for him and Marco. The clothes from my closet were packed in a bag and I set them both on floor. I’d get to them later. The boxes from the bathroom were stacked in a corner for me to manually unpack later.

And I did the same with the kitchen. But the first thing I did was find the coffee maker and put it on the counter in the kitchen with coffee and a single cup for the morning, and the cold groceries went into the fridge.

I was pretty much unpacked.

Ant and Ryan were lounging on the couch flipping through the TV channels. “This is a novelty. Nox with a TV.”

Ryan giggled, “I can see him watching the Food Network, but beyond that nothing.”

“I’m sure Drake will have some idea of what to watch.”

“He’s three, he won’t care.” Ant said. He tapped Ryan on the shoulder. “Let’s go. He’ll be okay.” He looked at me, “Right?”

I nodded. “I have my bed. My things. I just need Fee.”

Ant smiled. “I’ll find her and bring her here. I’m sure she’ll have some adjustment time too.”

“The only shadows we got around here in the foray. We’ll have to set up a cloak over there to make it work better.”

I nodded, “Whatever you need.” I said. Ant grinned. “The view is pretty nice too.”

“I’ll check it out in a bit.” I said.

Ant nodded, “Call me if you need anything Nox.”

And just like that Ant and Ryan were gone and I was alone in my brand fucking new apartment and I felt the wave of depression suck me down.

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