Finding a Dragon

If I were hiding bombs I’d do the ones closest to home last. It would be the easiest place to be recognized. Even in a City this large, there were regulars. Your neighborhood was still small, thousands of people but still small in consideration. And most people didn’t venture outside of their neighborhoods except for specialty stuff. Why ride the train or drive when you could just walk a few blocks and get what you needed? That was the joy of living in this City.

So we headed to the closest X to Safe Harbor. Ant brought us within a few junctures of the mark on the map. I could have made a light but then I’d hinder the vampire sight. And I was just fine without it. I didn’t need to see to use my other senses to do the work. It actually helped if I couldn’t see all the varied patterns with in a place of destruction and decay. It was like seeing ghosts of things.

It was quiet. The only thing I heard was mine and Ryan’s breathing. Ant didn’t need to breathe. Ant went first. He always went first – something to do with he was immortal or essentially so. Thought I could stop a lot more with a shield of air than Ant could. His elemental control was good, but he leaned more towards fire like his mother. Though she could only touch fire, earth, water and air were foreign to her. It amazed me more because in vampire magic fire was the hardest to learn and master and usually a vampire had mastered all the others before fire ever became a possibility.

Probably because fire could kill a vampire.

We followed in a staggered line covering the whole tunnel entrance with some sort of weapon. I knew Ryan had a gun drawn, with Cari he’d have drawn the sword that was hidden in the shadow pocket he had. I didn’t understand how he as a human Chevalier had some of Cari’s abilities, maybe one day I’d ask, but right now I had to focus and filed it away for later. Which probably meant I’d next think of it when we were in the middle of a fight or a potential fight again.

I expected Ant had a firearm as well, me I looked like I was waltzing down the middle of the tunnel, but I had at ready several things, the first being the makings of a wall of air thick enough to stop a bullet and thus dragon’s fire. And the designs for a fireball to be unleashed. My go to specially when fighting a dragon. They were more resistant, but fire killed just about everything. Though I probably should have a more penetrating weapon.

I wove in addition to my fireball and shield the makings of stone spear heads in the thousands. They littered my view like dots on paper. They would be razor sharp and when flung with the full force of a hurricane they would be deadly. And no one but another Magnus strong in earth would be able to see it.

Ant held up the hand signal for us to be silent and to stop. We moved deeper into the shadows and crouched down just as a figure rounded the corner carrying a backpack. I don’t know where he came from but it didn’t really matter. The tunnel was live and soon a train would come rumbling by. If I knew the line well, it was about 10 minutes out and likely 5 minutes late. So that gave us roughly 15 mins to do this without getting squished by a train. Not that Ant couldn’t just zap us out of here.

We watched as the man looked down towards us but he only sniffed at the air then returned to work. Part of the magic was to not be noticed, but it rarely worked on the supernatural, or humans like Alex and Sage. He wasn’t a man, had to be a dragon, or other supernatural who had a keen sense of smell.

We watched for several minutes as he pulled out thing from the back pack and set them down near a junction box. Ryan whispered, “He’s going to blow the junction box here.”

I nodded, “That seems to be the general idea of the plan.”

“Do your thing.” Ant said.

I sighed and stood up from where I was crouched. I took one slow step after the other then kicked a rock. It was on purpose, though I pretended to scramble for cover, but I knew he’d turn and look and sniff the air. I expected the huff of air in and threw a wall of air between me and the man in front of me. Dragon’s fucking breath! I hated it.

The flames unfurled from his lungs and then splattered against the invisible wall. The dragon dropped his back and started to run. A quick rope of air tripped the dragon and he went flying down the long narrow passage he’d come down. Thankfully no tracks were here, no damage and once he was down I shifted the weight of the world down on his chest. He gasped for breath on his stomach and struggled against the invisible net of air that pinned him down.

“That looks painful.” Ryan said.

“It is. I could suck the air from his lungs but this works as well. As long as he can’t take a deep breath he can’t shoot flames out his mouth.”

Ryan giggled. “What about out his ass?”

I rolled my eyes. “For being 800 plus years old you are even more childish than I am.”

Ryan wrapped his arm around my shoulders and grinned, “That’s why you love me.”

“That’s only part of it. That hot body is the rest of it.”

Ryan pushed me away from him as we walked towards the downed dragon. “I see how it is, you only want me for my body.”

I nodded. “Why else would I want you?”

Ryan looked appalled. “I’ll never.”

I grinned at him, “That’s right you’ll never. You’re too straight.”

“I’m not that straight.” Ryan said. “I may not do guys, but I a whole lot of kinky.”

“I don’t want to know.”

“Am I scaring the big bad hunter?” Ryan asked.

I shook my head. “No, I really don’t want to know how kinky you are. I already got Jack’s thing to deal with.”

Ant and Ryan laughed, but they let me walk around in front of the dragon and knelt down to see him better. “So, whatcha doing down here?” I asked.

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