The Dragon Boy

I didn’t exactly know where Drake was. We went down to the front desk and I asked the woman sitting there. “Hi. Yesterday, last night actually, I brought in a dragon and her son. I was wondering if you could tell me where her son was. I’d like to check on him before I go up and see where things are with his mother.”

The woman looked up at me and frowned. “You have to stop bring in strays?” She looked at Alex with a frown.

I grinned. “He’s not a stray. Though I could keep him.”

The woman’s cheeks grew a little rosy and she looked away from Alex to her computer. “The boy is in a detainment room.” She looked at me then frowned and started to point the direction.

“I know where it is. Spent enough time there.” I said.

We walked in the direction she had pointed and we walked to the detention center which was also on the same level as the lower grades. “Detainment, they make him sound dangerous.”

“He is in a way.” I said. There was only one orange door closed in the corridor. The doors changed with the runes applied typically but these rooms were all designated as fire safe. “He’s half dragon, he could be in a detention room for that alone. I spent the first three days of my life in the Venatori in one of those rooms, then spend three months when I was six in one. The orange door indicates he’s a fire starter.”

I opened the door and the sight inside broke my heart. The boy was curled up on the floor in the corner. He looked up tears streaming down his face and when he saw me, he ran to me and wrapped his arms around my legs. “Hey little man.”

“Why’s he locked up alone?”

“They don’t know what to do with him” I picked him up, “Do they Drake?” He curled around me like he had before. “Drake, this is Alex. Alex, Drake.”

Drake blinked orange eyes at Alex and I was glad Alex didn’t make a big deal about it instead he ran his fingers through the boys short golden hair. “I thought it’d feel different.”

“It’s just hair” Drake giggled.

Alex said. “I wish my hair was that color.”

“I can fix that.” I said and reached up to run my fingers through Alex’s hair. He jerked away from me which made me smile. “I didn’t do it.”

He looked at Drake and asked, “Did he? I trust you.” He glared at me with a playful smirk on his lips. Fuck I wanted to kiss him again.

Drake shook his head. “Still bwack.” He reached up and touched my hair. “Not this.”

“You don’t like it” I asked. Drake shook his head. I looked at Alex.

“You heard him.” He smirked at me.

I nodded in the direction we’d come with the boy on my hip. I looked at Alex, “So what color would you like it?”

“I don’t know, can you make it look flames?” Alex asked.

I had to let go of Alex’s hand to do it the fun way so I just did it without the effect, like I did in the mirror. Flames were easy, the reds, oranges and yellows with only a few stray blues. Drake laughed and Alex looked at me like he had seen a ghost.

“I can change it.” I told Alex.

He blinked at me and then smirked, “Fuck no, it looks great.” he slid his arm around my waist and we walked to the front desk. “Barbara, we are taking him to see his mom.”

I hadn’t told Alex that what I was planning on doing, but he’d read my mind. Sometimes it was great not having to say everything – sometimes it was unnerving. Right now it was a good feeling. I liked having Alex in my head.

“What are we going to do once he gets to his mom?” Alex asked.

“I expect we’ll have to bring him back down, but it’ll show her he’s still alive, let him spend some time with his mom. I’ll figure out what is going on with his mom maybe even who she’s working for and what is going on.”

“What do you think is going on?” Alex asked.

“Well dragons around the world bearing the Last Phoenix mark are revealing themselves, testing us I bet. And the bank job wasn’t a typical one, dragon’s don’t go for money – she did something to the computer. But there has to be more to it.”

“Why?” Alex asked as we got in the plate glass elevator Or started to and Alex looked at me with a concerned look. “You going to be alright?”

I nodded. “Yeah. It’s only a few floors. But because dragons don’t just do things for nothing. They collect things, they don’t want money.”

“Any leads?” Alex asked as we stepped out on to the platform out of the elevator. He put his arm around my waist and tickled Drake’s belly on the other side.

“Just the dragon sitting in that room.” I nodded towards the fishbowl. “Let me take him in, do you want to go with or stay out here?” I looked at Alex with a smile. He could do what he wanted, he could probably hear everything anyway.

“I should go.” Alex said.

I shook my head and pulled him closer with my free hand, a little boy was between us but I didn’t want Alex to leave. “It won’t take long, please stay.”

Alex looked at me like he was considering his options. “Only if you make me food afterwards.”

Fuck! Did I trust him enough to do that. My home…

Alex had heard my thought, he frowned, “I’m gonna go, pretty boy.” He was upset I could hear it in his voice.

“It’s not that I don’t want to Alex.” I said softly.

“I got it. You don’t trust me. No problem. I’m gonna go.” He pulled away and started walking towards the elevator.

“Please Alex let me explain.” I begged. I didn’t reach out to grab him. If he really wanted to go he could, but he stopped and didn’t turn around. I started, “I want to trust you. I need to trust you. But I can’t…. ” I shook my head. “I trust you not to hurt me. Please stay, let me show you.”

Alex turned around. “Show me what.”

“I’ll tell you everything. Please, stay. Let me do this real quick and then I’m all yours. For the rest of the day let me show you what’s wrong with me. And then if you want to go I’ll understand.” I was begging. I never begged and certainly not to get my way but I needed Alex to stay, him leaving now would mean the end and I wasn’t ready for the end. We’d only just begun.

Alex sighed. “I’ll stay. I still want food.”

I nodded with a grin, “Of course.” I waved. “Drake say bye to Alex. We’re gonna see your mom now alright?”

He nodded and giggled with a wave at Alex, “Bye, Awex. See you soon.”

I grinned. I hoped he would see him soon.

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  1. Aww! I just want to take Drake home.

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      1. He’s just too precious!

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      2. and that is why he will always come to be mine :) Just taking a little longer this time since it fits better with this story.

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      3. If he doesn’t wind up with you this time around, I’ll be like ???? 😶😲😭


      4. lol. No way of that happening. I’ll have all of them and then some this time!

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