Young Novices

“Come on, let’s walk.” Alex said as he pushed me out of his lap. I stood up and turned around and pulled him up to his feet. I wanted to pull him against me but instead we started walking the way we came. I kept breaking down in front of him. Even when I didn’t want to. I whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Alex shook his head, “Don’t worry about it Pretty boy. I’ll catch you when you fall.” That made me feel better, but also a little afraid that he was going to leave me and any safety I felt would be gone with him.

We walked to the AU building. We were inside and heading for the back of the building before I realized we were heading to the service elevators. “You remembered.” I joked.

Alex grinned. “I mean I like having you curled up against me and all but I can do without the panic attacks.”

“I can still curl up against you if you want.” I offered.

Alex chuckled. “Nah, that’s alright. You’re still mad at me.”

I sighed. I guess I was, but I wanted to forget it. He could disarm me one moment and then I was there again with my back against the wall the next. He tugged me into the elevator, “Hey.” He said, turning me towards him, “Stop. I don’t need to hear all your down talking and neither do you.”

“Oh so it’s for my own good.”

Alex smirked. “Of course. I’d never be selfish.”

I pressed my lips to his and grinned. “I want you to be selfish.”

Alex leaned against the wall and put his hands on my hips and pulled me close. I loved having him looking at up at me as he leaned against the wall. I leaned down and licked his bottom lip then pressed mine to his and we kissed. I parted my lips and his tongue snaked in, mine met his and by the time we reached the Academy level we were both breathless and both hard. The door dinged open and we pulled away slowly with a soft laugh. “Off to see a kid, I guess.” I said as I took his hand in mine and started for the nursery area.

I was curious how he was doing too. The Academy was full of people; we were in the lower grades, where the kids were loud and obnoxious. We followed one class down the halls, the kids were all whispering and giggling, some pointed fingers at us. I guess seeing two grown men holding hands was giggle worthy.

Alex leaned in and whispered, “It’s not us holding hands, it’s your hair. They find the color funny.”

I grinned and lifted my left hand to my head and wove the many different patterns to change the tips of my hair a different color. I didn’t choose one, It was a kaleidoscope of color. I’d have to look in a mirror I doubted I wanted to stay that way. The kids all gasped and gaped and a few of them tapped the kid in front of them who weren’t looking. One little girl looked at me and then at her friend, “I can do that.” She took the brown lock of her hair and twirled it in around her finger and the end magically turned purple. “See. It’s not so special.”

I laughed, but it was cut short when their teacher turned around, “Cassidy, stop fooling around, you aren’t supposed to touch the elements without your teacher. You know this.” The little girl sighed and when her teacher turned around the little girl stuck her tongue out at me. You got me in trouble, meanie. A stray thought permated my head and it wasn’t my own.

Fuck! A telepath, at that age, well and Magnus who used her power for little things – rare on all fronts.

“She’s loud.” Alex said as they rounded a corner and we kept going straight down the hall towards the nursery.

“What do you mean?”

“I heard what she sent you.”

“Do you think she meant for you to hear?”

Alex shook his head, “No it had the flavor of being a targeted send, like it was meant for you and only you. But she hit me too. She needs some lessons.”

I nodded, “She’s here, she’ll get it. Though to have such strong telepathy at her age is rare. Having such fine control of her other gifts at that age even rarer.”

“I bet you had it.”

I shook my head. “No. I caught things on fire at her age.”

“So where is this kid?” Alex asked changing the subject.




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