It’s My Party

The boys showed Mia around I could hear them in the rest of the house as I grabbed clean clothes from the drawer. They hadn’t even jostled a little in the move. So awesome. But it only helped so much. A hot shower might help some. But this still wasn’t home.

And the shower was nice. I had to admit that. The water was hot, and the pressure was good. Not that I couldn’t make it all better anyway. That was a good thing about my abilities. Though I liked to be able to relax in the shower.

And it was a good shower. But I couldn’t really get Alex out of my head. Not that it was a bad thing, thinking of his blue eyes, his fucking hot bod. I let the good memories play through my head as the water rained down on me. There weren’t a lot of good memories that I remembered, but there were flashes of things I didn’t remember happening two nights ago.

There was a knock on my bedroom door and then on the bathroom. “Nox?”

That was Ant, I had been in the shower for a long time. “Nox. Dude, you are projecting so fucking much. Thank god none of your friends are empaths.”

I laughed, “You are.”

“I’m not a great at it. You know this, only when it comes to you.” Ant sat down outside the bathroom while I finished up. He kept talking, “Those were some pretty powerful emotions.”

“Yeah, I told you how I felt about him.”

“Nox, has he responded?”

“He said he couldn’t do lunch, but that’s it.”

“You gotta stop texting him. Play fucking hard to get for once in your life.”

I laughed. “Yeah, Ant, that’s not me. I fall hard, always have. You remember Dan.”

“I remember him. I hated him.”

I sighed as I turned off the water and grabbed a towel. At least that smelled like home. I dried off and changed quickly while Ant sat on the floor just outside the bathroom. “You just didn’t like him because you thought he was using me.”

“Nox he was using you. He wanted you to pay for everything. He was an asshole whenever anyone was around you. And most importantly he abused your relationship.”

I nodded. We’d had this argument many times. “But that’s not Alex.”

Ant sighed. “He’s not answering your texts. He didn’t pick up when Rider called him. Your brother left a message. Nox, he has no interest in you, he fucking didn’t show up remember.”

I sighed, “He did show up. He wanted more Ant. He didn’t want to fight, or leave.”

“Nox, he called you selfish for having a fucking anxiety attack.”

I walked out of the bathroom with freshly applied make up and I made my hair blue like his eyes. I preferred the solid colors to the multi colors. “I was being selfish Ant. I never once asked him how he was handling things.”

“Because you were too fucking worried about your own fucking well being. Jesus, Nox, it doesn’t take a smart man to see you don’t do this on purpose. Who the fuck wants to be a mess all the fucking time.”

“We’ll have to agree to disagree Ant. There’s more to this than you or I know and I intend to find out.” I said as I opened the door to go to this welcome home party. I wasn’t looking forward to it.

“What does that mean, Nox?” Ant asked behind me.

“It means that I intend to explore my dreams with Margo. Figure out who the fuck this guy is, why I fell so fucking hard so fucking fast. And maybe I can prove to you it’s worth my time. Because Ant, he feels fucking amazing.”

“Nox. I don’t want to hear about fucking sex with him.”

I smirked. “I wasn’t talking about sex. He’s home. He’s safe. He’s perfect.”

“He’s hardly perfect.” Ant said.

“Perfect for me, Ant. Yeah we fight. But he knows how to take care of me even without really knowing. There are secrets and there are lies and there is a lot I have to deal with but Ant, I’ve never felt this way about anyone. Well other than him. Why can’t you at least be on my side on this.”

Ant sighed and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “You promise me you aren’t going to make this another Dan.”

“He’s not another Dan. Life isn’t perfect. But I think this is right.”

Ant nodded, “Alright. I’ll be on your side, but if he hurts you Nox. I’m going to kill him.”

I grinned. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I plastered on that lovely fake smile and Ant chuckled as we headed into the rest of the living space where all my friends and family were milling about.





4 responses to “It’s My Party”

  1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

    Just so you know, Ant is an awesome guy to have for a best friend. Plain truth.

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    1. Nox Avatar

      I agree wholeheartedly on that one. I adore Sage don’t get me wrong, but Ant is a much better best friend.

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      1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

        So true.

        “Nox, it doesn’t take a smart man to see you don’t do this on purpose. Who the fuck wants to be a mess all the fucking time.” This line makes me happy.

        I think Ant should stage a relationship intervention and have a long talk with Alex. I’m just not sure if Nox should be in the room when it happens. The whole conversation would give Nox a massive stress out attack. But not being in the room would stress him out even more. Poor thing. :(

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      2. Nox Avatar

        It’ll happen. You might not see it. But any and Alex have a predestined meeting ahead. AJ is writing the story from Alex s pov. Do it is intended to happen… AJ is building it up now

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