Time For Work

Alex had my shirt over my head before I could object or tell him no he was sucking on my neck and it felt like he was pulling on hidden cords linked to my cock. The sensation was bringing me closer and he moved up my neck and all I wanted was more. But then there was pounding on my door. I growled and tried to block it, tried to make the door shock them but my mind was slipping away with the press of Alex’s lips against my neck.

But they started pounding on the door. I could hear them on the other side, two people who wanted what. “Open the fuck up Nox.” One of them yelled through the door.

“Go away!” I growled at them.

I heard them talking and then Walker started talking, “Come on, man it’ll take five minutes. Just open the fucking door.”

I looked at Alex and he was glaring at the door. I reassured, “Just work.” I said but I don’t think it worked to reassure him. “Let me get rid of them.”

I slid off his lap and so wanted to stay there, I could so easily get to his cock through those thin layers. I turned and pulled my shirt back down over my head. I heard Alex gasp and cover his mouth with his hand to hide the sound he made. Fuck! Now I was going to have to explain that too.

Fuck! I opened the door to look through the crack and Ophelia darted inside, Walker and Simon bullied their way past me much like Ophelia had except they pushed me out of the way. Walker was pressing his fingers to the mark Alex had just made, “Oh you got a girl here.”

“No. I don’t have a girl over.” I said, “What the fuck do you want.”

Simon stood staring at Alex who was pulling my shirt on over his head, “I should go.” He picked up his clothes from where he’d left them and pulled his shoes on without any socks. “I’ll see you around.”

What the fuck did that mean? Alex stopped next to me by the door and pressed a kiss long and hard to my lips. It left us both breathless, but there was no lust or desire in it. It had been a show of possession. I was surprised he hadn’t sucked another mark on my neck. I wonder if he knew the one he’d just left was going to fade within the hour.

Alex sighed and whispered, “Call me tomorrow, when you won’t get interrupted.” I wasn’t sure when that would be and Alex gave me a nod, “Call me anyway.”

I nodded. I could call him.

Alex walked out of my apartment for the second time and I had the distinct feeling he wasn’t happy this time either. I turned and glared at them and slammed the door shut, “What the fuck do you want?”

Simon laughed, “Don’t growl at us your playmate left. Looks like he wasn’t that into you after all.”

“Fuck off, what do you want?”

Walker sighed. “The Ugly Dog Saloon, you said yeah?”

“What now?” I asked slightly confused.

“You said the Last Phoenix hang out at the Ugly Dog Saloon.”

I nodded. “Yeah. And you don’t know where it is?”

Walker shook his head. “We could ask the Archive but it would take all night with so little staff on right now. And we figured you could just tell us.”

“Like an address in Hell’s Kitchen is going to help you out.” I sighed. “Let me get changed and I’ll fucking go since you fucking ruined my plans.”

“You planned on getting laid tonight?”

I sighed and turned around to Simon, “No, but I had planned on getting to know the man who just fucking walked out my door – again! Dick wads couldn’t wait until tomorrow.” I growled.

I didn’t really care if they watched as I changed. They ruined my night. I slide off my shorts and pulled on a pair of jeans and then grabbed my red hoodie and pulled it over my head. I felt much more myself fully clothed. And out of their prying eyes, though I would rather have been lying naked next to Alex but that wasn’t fucking happening.

I grabbed a pair of sock and pulled them on before I ushered them out the door, “Out, now.” I said. I looked around for Fee and found her curling up on her pillow on the bed, “I’ll be home when I can.”

There was no nod or even an acknowledgment that I had said something. I stopped by the door and pulled on my high tops and headed out the door. “We are taking the stairs,” I said.

Simon looked at Walker, “Is he always so bossy?”

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