All Growed Up

I managed a shower, but first I had to unpack my entire bathroom. I had to do the same thing for my clothes in my bags. The closet was huge and I it looked empty despite everything neatly hanging in it. I didn’t get to sleep before until about 3am. Where I promptly had a nightmare, and woke up an hour later completely unrested.

But that was the number one reason I had a coffee pot and I made coffee first thing. After the first cup I was unpacking my kitchen. Oddly enough the idea of putting things away was calming. The kitchen was laid out differently and I was still figuring out what was the best course of action.

It was 6am when my stomach rumbled. Instead of trying to cook, I went to Bonnie’s for breakfast. It walked. I could have run, but I hadn’t dressed to run and I didn’t feel like being sweaty and smelly while I ate breakfast. It was a bit of a walk, but I enjoyed it. I’d have to adjust my times based on the slow leisurely pace I took to Bonnie’s. It would allow me scheduling time.

My whole fucking schedule was going to go out the shit hole now. Fuck!

I sat down in my normal booth and Bonnie came over and took my usual order. She was frowning at me but said nothing. I didn’t want to talk about Alex.

Though I did send him a message while I was sitting there.

N: We still on for lunch?

I didn’t expect a reply, though one would be nice. He didn’t seem to want to talk to me. Not a single message had been answered overnight. Happy Fucking Birthday to me!

Bonnie brought me a chocolate milkshake and set it down, “Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks Bonnie. Did I see you come from around the corner?”

I nodded, “I moved out.”

She grinned at me, “Bout time. My Nox is all growed up.”

“Been growed up for a while now Bonnie. I’ve had my own place since I was 18.”

“Yeah but in that cult. This is different.”

I sighed. “You know what I’m going to say to that.”

She smile. “I know. It’s not a cult, we don’t worship things. But they brainwash you just the same honey. I’ll have the rest of your food out in giffy.”

“No rush. I have no plans.”

Oddly enough as I said that my phone beeped at me. I glanced at the name and my heart skipped a beat – it was Alex.

A: Not around, can’t do lunch. See you around, pretty boy.

Fuck! It seemed I was alone for the day. My heart sank as I sipped at the chocolate coldness. It was only slightly comforting. I was going to have a fucking breakdown again, I could feel the anxiety and depression just sitting there all because I was spending yet another birthday alone.

My steak and eggs arrived just as the bell to Bonnie’s diner opened up. There was a loud burst of talking as a small group walked in. “I thought you said he’d be here.” I could have sworn the voice sounded like Laker.

“In the back.” Dorian said. I stood up so they could see me and they grinned at me. Fuck they’d grown since the last time I saw them. Laker and Rider swarmed me with their arms as they wrapped me in a hug. “Dorian said we’d find you here. We got in late last night, spent the night camping out in your old apartment.”

Dorian smiled. “I figured you need some extra comforts so I called Jesse and got the boys tickets early.”

I grinned. “Thanks D.”

“You gonna be okay with them?” he asked.


Dorian nodded though I was pretty sure he didn’t beleive me. “Don’t give him too much trouble boys, he’s got enough stress right now.”

Rider laughed, his voice had deepened even more. “Yeah, yeah we know. He gets all weepy over change. Wah, wah!” he joked. These were no longer my little brothers, they were nearly as tall as I was and they both were sporting facial hair. Fuck sixteen!

I sat back down and they slide into the booth opposite me. Bonnie was over with menus as they started to talk. “What can I get you boys to drink?”

Rider looked up at Bonnie with a grin, “We’ll have whatever he’s having.”

Bonnie nodded, “Both of you?”

Laker gave her the same grin back, “Yes, ma’am. Can I get extra whip cream on my milkshake?”

“Sure thing, honey.” She said as she slipped away with their identical orders.

Rider reached across the table and ran his fingers through my hair, “Flames, that’s new.”

“You want some?” I asked.

He groaned, “Dude, I don’t need pretty hair to get the girls.”

“You barely even shower.” Laker taunted, “What do you know what girls like.”

“Better than you.” Rider shoved his brother next to him.

“Alright, no pushing.” They grinned at me.

“Dad, said it was good we were coming to spend time with you, give him some down time. He’s met a girl.” Rider noted.

“Did he now?” I asked.

“She’s a nurse. Pretty. She’s always leaving when we get home from school. I think he’s hiding her from us. But we always see her leavin'”. Laker said.

Rider asked, “So what we doing for your birthday?”

I shrugged. “I’m not doing much of anything. I have a shit ton of anxiety to deal with before it messes me up bad.”

Laker grinned, “We can have a party at your new joint. Make it feel like home with all your favorite people.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Bonnie chose that moment to set their food down. “Sounds like a great idea Nox. I’ll have some pies baked for you boys if you want to come by and get them.”

Rider said, “Make sure one is pumpkin.”

Laker added, “And no apple pie.”

Bonnie smiled. “I know all about his favorite things.” She said as she made her way back into the kitchen.

“A party isn’t good.” I said.

“Sure it is, leave it to us.” They both said at the same time.

“Eat.” I said. And both of the boys started chowing down on the steak and eggs. I was not surprised they finished before me.

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