The Rune on My Door

The Rune on My Door
I ran up the few flights of stairs to my own room. Which was not mine anymore. Dae’lin said everything was in my room and when I opened the door I saw that it was a lot more than I expected. On the counter there was indeed a packet of information and keys, and a letter which had me curious more than anything. But my studio apartment was filled with flat moving boxes.

They were scattered everywhere like someone just tossed them in. Fee was looking at me with disgust as she went out the door. I called after her, “Be back soon, I don’t want to have to hunt you down.” She gave me a meow that said whatever. I sighed. I was going to have to hunt her down.

I took a deep breath and grabbed the two things on the counter and went into my hopefully normal bathroom. There was only so much chaos I could handle. I was already pushing my limits today with Alex and now this. Fuck, I wish people would have consulted me before tossing things into my room.

I closed the door behind me and took a deep breath as I slid down the door and sat on the color tile floor. I didn’t really care what was in the packet, probably a lease I needed to sign and file and whatever other things they had. Probably had a thing on my official pay increase and all that.

I ran my finger under the flap of the envelope and pulled the slip of paper from the envelope. Definitely not what I was expecting from Dorian. The paper was a handwritten note in Dorian’s neat hand.

I know that you hate lies and secrets, and I know you’ll probably need time. But, it was a secret that had to be kept. Runic magic is particular, this is something you know. We can neither create, nor change a rune. We’ve lost the ability to create them. Part of my job in testing has been to monitor the runes and who they responded to. It was never a test, but the runes were always present. You never noticed them. I’ve never seen a rune react the way the one I’m about to give you reacts to your proximity.

When you wish to speak to me on the matter I will gladly tell you everything. No one knows of the stone’s reaction, even at a young age I should have known you’d be a thorn in our side, but I was blinded by my desire to be noticed by those on high, and thanks to you I was. You’re excellence in nearly everything you did, and the unique way you’ve seen things and done things was my career boost I had needed to find what I thought was happiness. But instead of bringing me happiness through my career you brought me happiness through love – a son I thought I’d never have, and a man to whom I could share my life with. So thank you for that Nox.

The rune on your door is an ordinary rune, however when I touched the small rune to it, they merged. It is why you can control so much of your room. The rune has more power than you can imagine and I only know the tip of it. I can’t manipulate it but I can invoke your name and it does what I ask of it, the trust you lay in me it believes in. Touch the stone, and call it to you. The rune should fit in the palm of your hand, it has a blue glow to it and the marking is not a rune we use and the translation has been lost for countless centuries. Perhaps one of your long lived friends can help you.

It is with my sincerest love and respect for you that I give this to you now. It can store all of your belongings and moving will be easy. It has always held your trunk of notebooks.

Love, Dorian

I read the letter a second time. I wasn’t sure why Dorian thought I’d be angry other than the fact that it was a secret he held. Or maybe I would be mad if I wasn’t already so strung out on my emotions that I didn’t feel it. Either way I wasn’t mad at Dorian. I stood up as I tucked the paper back into the envelop. My apartment was still a mess but I ignored it. I had something else to do.

I stared at my door for several long minutes trying to fathom why a rune would react differently to me. I wasn’t the first Minorem. I wasn’t the first Cesari. I wasn’t even the first Minorem Magnus, tho I might have been the first Minorem Cesari. Magic didn’t usual have to be strong for mothers to survive. Definitely not Cesari.

I took a deep breath and opened the door. The rune glowed as usual and I’d touched it a thousand times before. But it never did anything different. I put my hand on the glowing rune and closed my eyes and called ‘it’ to me. Whatever it was.

I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t see anything move but when I drew my hand a way a smaller orangish rune glowed back at me. I blinked in shock, but there it was, Funny thing was, the rune on it I read without a problem even though I’d never learned it. It read ‘rising power’.

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