AJ is absolutely in love with the first version I’m about to post. It hit her Daily Mix #1 (which is typically based off of Three Days Grace). It’s absolutely angry and we love it. But what we didn’t know was that it was a cover! So here is the original too!

Stand By Me

Anyone who’s read any of the stories probably knows Alex and I do have a song that comes up every so often and has a special place in my heart. And here it is Acapella style:

Jamie & John

This is only a second ship that AJ has wished for that won’t happen. We love Jaime and Claire in The Outlander, but this is just an epic relationship. And this song and cut are awesome together. This is an AU story that should exist in our humble opinions.


Not to be confused with Malec. I decided to do a small series of Ships AJ and I share. The tag we’ll be using is Sunday Ships on the blog. They will all most likely be music backed clips. Might offer some Fanfics at some point too.


If you know what they are you know they are very cool. AJ’s girls used them in middle school music class, it’s pretty cool. Harvard has their won ‘band’!

Some Kinda Disaster

I think this will be my usual Sunday thing. Here is another of my favorite songs (or one AJ feels fits me well)