Panic (at the Disco?)

So today, which is actually last Wednesday, since AJ decided to schedule my posts ahead of time with whatever random driville I come up with on any given day. This way we don’t miss a day :) Random me all the time. At least that’s the goal.

So… today, AJ was writing on her lunch hour and we had a pretty epic scene going, and AJ forgot to save it to dropbox. No problem, she’d just go back into write box and select drafts and save. No biggie, we’ve done it before when we misplaced something we knew we wrote.

Well the file folder wouldn’t open, it gave AJ errors and in a panic we tried everything. AJ is a web developer so she was looking all over the place. THANK FUCKING GOD she found the contents, knew how to convert it so we didn’t have to go in and put in all the return characters manually and saved the file. But not before clearing out the local files so we didn’t have that problem again. It looks like it’s going to have to be an every friday night thing to make sure everything is saved and we clean up that stuff so we don’t have another panic attack.

I was gonna be pissed. While it wasn’t a great loving scene it was done, and it happened and no matter if AJ rewrote it. It wouldn’t be the same. And never as good.

Crisis averted.

BUT because of my title, here ya go:

4 thoughts on “Panic (at the Disco?)

  1. If it’s any consolation, I had a post that refused to show up in my Reader. I’m really not sure what I did wrong. I typed it up, posted it, and it seemed to post okay. I could see it on my blog, but it refused to show up on my Reader. I checked my settings to see if I somehow unfollowed myself without realizing it. I checked the post itself to make sure I didn’t accidently schedule it for a later date or didn’t somehow switch it to private. But it all checked out okay.

    So, I just shrugged my shoulders, copied the text, deleted the post, and pasted the text into a new document. I posted it and that one did show up okay. So, I have no idea what went wrong. :lol: I’m just glad that it didn’t disappear altogether, because that would have freaked me out.

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    1. AJ asked did you schedule it for earlier?

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      1. I don’t think so. I checked through my Reader and it just wasn’t there. So weird.

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