Fast Forward

There were three other pairings with us in our introduction to Ooh. Not all of them were BDSM pairs, some were just here for the kink. But it seemed everyone had to go through the same rituals. And that’s really what it was. It was all common sense.

They showed us the facility, gave a little show which had Jared even harder than before. Janice toyed with my legs through the leather pants and I could see the heat in Jared’s eyes. The man was going to hate me if i didn’t get this straightened out. Janice looked the part, just like the other women there. The leather covering her body but just enough so that there was plenty of skin to show through.

Janice admired the metal arm cutout tattoo on my shoulder. I was grateful we were too busy for her to ask about it. Her fingers roamed over my abs and she toyed with the scar there. I expected I was going to have to tell stories about them both. She hadn’t seen the tattoo on my hip. That one I didn’t want to explain.

The class was boring except the little show. It was interesting to watch the dynamic between Blake and Jaxen as a pair. And where I expect them to end up having sex in front of us they did not. The others in the class were going vigorous rounds of mutual masterbation. Jared and Janice had no such illusions. Jared was between her legs and Janice was not even watching. I was the odd man out, except I could play the game too. I stood behind Janice and she looked up at me we locked eyes and I pressed my thumbs into her back. Her eyes show open and there was a look of fear in them. I gave her a reassuring smile. “Trust me.” I whispered.

I didn’t think she would but she relaxed into the pressure and she became the one everyone watched. Step one show her what it feels like to be treated like a submissive when you are not one. I wasn’t going to stand for her treating me like one, and Jared had for far too long.

Janice came loudly. My fingers had worked the leather from her nipples and her breasts were red from the treatment I had played on her nipples, the leather straps hid nothing now. She was a limp mess in my arms and Jared stared down with a satisfied smile on his face.

Medical clearance was easy enough but sexual intercourse on club grounds was impossible until the blood tests came back. If they came back positive for anything, sexual intercourse was never going to be possible. We were given a bag of bracelets with instructions. Each color represent a specific aspect of the club. All of which indicated no sexual contact with members outside the numbers on the bracelets.

When the all clear came back a different set would be issued. We were all also given an invitation to the masquerade ball to be held that same night. Masks were required at all times, clothing was optional.

When we all arrived in Janice’s town car I knew Jared was naked underneath the long coat he wore. And Janice had been wearing next to nothing when I had arrived at her place. I wore the same thing I had that morning with the addition of a mesh shirt. I had no intentions of letting either of them disrobe me the entire night. Jared and I still needed to have a good talk.

Jared played the submissive well. He was proud of his body, and his long thick cock was definitely something to be proud of. How he stayed hard even through the tediousness of pleasantries I didn’t know, it must be some trick of the submissives. I wondered if there was a school for such things. And I was brought back to the thoughts Jaxen was having of the Wicked Truth’s friend. How they’d learned together.

But Jared followed my lead the whole night. If I touched Janice his fingers trailed after mine. Janice was becoming the center of his attention. He was brazen and disobedient and Janice was loving it. She was also thinking she was going to enjoy punishing him. But I wanted to tell her not tonight. Tonight she was going to be too tired and limp to do anything at all.

And I had been the one who was right. We left the party early. We found ourselves in Janice’s apartment. She was completely naked while the two of us cooperated. Alone I played the gay man I was supposed to be. I had Jared naked in front of me. My cock buried deep inside him. His head lulled forward as our fingers entwined over top of her. I held one nipple tight between my fingers and Jared did the same on the other side. Janice’s body arched beneath us. Jared’s cock pressed tight against her clit as I shifted inside of him and he groaned. He didn’t penetrate his mistress – permission wasn’t given, but that was their thing not mine. I fucked him, bit his neck and he rubbed his mistress until the three of us came.

And whenever Janice tried to turn the table I wouldn’t let her, we’d start another round. Jared my medium to making Janice come, over and over again. Step two complete, show Janice Jared is more than he seems.

I left before Jared but before I left the couple to sleep off their pleasure I whispered in Jared’s ear, “Meet me for lunch tomorrow, across the street from the Apex Unlimited building, is a diner. This is not a request.”

He was going to play sub, I would treat him like it as it suited me. Jared nodded, “Yes, sir.” he said with a shy smile and lust filled eyes.

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