One on One

Blake spoke a little on the locker usage. Proper care, locks etc, and if we became a full member we’d have our own personal one in the other room. I stared at the shopping bag the whole time he was talking. I really didn’t want to put the things on.

Jared was already dressed in his leather chaps, his cock waving in the air. The whole place was turning him on. His eyes were down cast and I sat down and started pulling the leather pants out.

Blake laughed, “I know why the hesitation.” He pointed at Jaxen and then directed him to me. “Jaxen can help you with disinfecting quickly and dust them for better removal.” Blake smirked, “He loves buying leather pants for me but he knows I hate them.”

I gave him a smile as the club owner set to turning the new leather pants inside out. I watched as he applied hand sanitizer to the inside, killing any bacteria that might have been deposited by others. Was genius actually.

I looked over at Jared who was standing in a submissive pose. “Why do you submit to her?”

“It’s my Mistress’s will.”

“But why, you are not a sub. I can see it.” It was a lie, I heard his thoughts, how much he hated the obedience.

He looked at me falling from the submissive guise. “This is what she wants. And the only way she sees me.”

“We can change that.” I grinned at me. “I can help you.”

“For what price?” He gave me this knowing smirk. “Guys like you come and go. Always after the money.”

“I’m not after her money.” Which was the truth I wasn’t, at least not anymore. Janice reminded me so much of Kate, but I couldn’t tell him that.

“After Richard left her there were a lot of men like you. Wanting the best for her. I’m the only one that gave her what she wants.”

I smirked, “She wants someone to top with. And her toy to play with for the both of them.”

“Is that what you are here for? To play with her?”

I shrugged. “I can help you.”

Jaxen laid the pants on my lap and walked back to Blake with a smile on his lips. He’d overheard everything but he didn’t say anything. I guess that was one good thing about subs. Important conversations might be revealed after the fact though.

I sighed and disrobed, I had no other choice but to put the leather pants Janice had bought on. I was going to do this the I had to go all in. I looked at Jared with a smile. “I have a thought, we need to sit down and have a good long talk.”

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