The hostess showed up almost immediately. There was a green streak in her hair tucked behind her ear. She wore a dark suit with white lace at the collar and the cuffs. It was alluring but not revealing. Perfect for what lie on the other side of those double doors.

“Mr. Smith, if you’ll wait here, Mr. Oliver is on his way.”

From the thoughts in her mind Janice was going to be greeted with Mr. Oliver in tow of his Dom, our instructors.

A tall man dressed in black leather pants and vest walked through a side door that appeared from the wall. The blonde man I met before was following collared and eyes down cast. The shock was more apparent seeing the confident man from before in this state. He was at complete peace in his head. There was no worry, no thoughts of business, absolute peace.

Janice stepped forward and extended her hand to the Dom and said, “Mr. Oliver.”

The smirk on his face betrayed the truth even before he spoke, “Shàngshēng.”

There was a sudden shift in the thought patterns. Before where there was peace and calm was now a torrent of thoughts. Like a switch had been flipped. But Oliver didn’t immediately lift his head while he readjusted to his thoughts. He raised his head with slow steady precision and greeted Janice with a smile. Jaxen Oliver stepped around the big hulk of a man in front of him wearing only the collar and black leather thong that hid nothing from view and took her hand. “Ms. Pritchard. It’s a privilege to meet you. If you will follow Master Blake behind the doors we’d love to show you and your party around.”

Oliver glanced at me and smiled. I heard the thoughts of both men and they were completely in love. Blake stood behind his lover and whispered in his ear, “Xiàjiàng.” You could almost hear the love in it. I listened as all thoughts fled. Peace and emptiness prevailed. The transformation was visible on his face. This was a man who lead a dual life and it worked for them.

“You can call me Blake. Jaxen’s always rather formal when he’s just coming out of serenity. Follow me and I’ll show you to the locker rooms.”

The woman who greeted us added. “Anything outside of the locker rooms beyond this point should stay in character, so we’d appreciate the adherence to the rules, even while you are learning our ways.”

We followed the pair through the hidden door and into the staff halls. The lockers rooms were not labeled staff only, but that was all that was inside when we were shown in. Janice was lead off by a female attending into the women’s locker room and Jared and I followed Blake and Jaxen through to the men’s.

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