Leather and More

Sed’s place was actually called ‘Leather and More’ and the more is where Janice led the two of us. The store sported all sorts of leather attire, from boots and hats to other things like purses and wallets. But ‘the more’ was in the back behind a private door which people apparently didn’t go into often, from the looks we received from a few of the patrons already in the store. Their curiosity was piqued though, I wondered how many times unsuspecting customers walked in and then immediately walked out red faced and embarrassed.

There was a pair of women in the back trying on leather lingerie. Jared’s eyes were cast down but the smell alone had him hard in his pants. I took a long look at the women as they helped each other in and out of leather garments that barely covered body parts. If they wanted privacy there was a dressing room behind them and I knew they were getting off on being out in the open and both were hoping that door would open more often so they could shock some of the normal customers.

Janice was snickering in her head, thinking something about silly little girls. “Come on Brent.” She shot the women a sly smile, wrapped a proprietary hand around my arm and pulled me over to the side. “You too, my little toy.” Her mind was running through a thousand filthy things she wanted to do, least of which was see us naked and then in tight leather pants.

She started rummaging through the racks and found a pair of pants she tossed to Jared who immediately started to remove his clothing without ever examining what he was to put on. Janice kept looking and found a pair that she liked and held them up for my preview. “These should do.” She held them against my body and checked them for length, “They might be a tad too tight though.” She examined me like I was a piece of cattle ready for sale. I wasn’t liking it.

“Try them on, You have to look the part, we don’t have much time to be picky.”

I growled. And then kicked off my shoes. And tugged my pants down. I moved to pull the leather up and Janice giggled. “You can’t wear anything underneath them.”

I looked down at my Calvin Kleins, the boxer briefs were tight enough that they wouldn’t make much of a difference. Janice was just trying to get me to put on a show which I liked even less than the way she was looking at me like a piece of meat. I sighed. “I know that. But there is no way I’m putting these on my naked body parts without a through cleaning.”

Janice sighed and nodded like she was giving me permission and I pulled the leather pants up and over my boxers. The seams were visible and it was a very tight fit, but I could get in them, and it would all feel better once I cleaned them properly.

Janice clapped her hands. She picked up a leather crop that Jared was eyeing and she smacked his bare ass with it. The pants she’d chosen for her sub were not pants, but a pair of black leather chaps that he wore well. And he was just as turned on by the eyes of the women next to us as he was by me checking him out.

His eyes met mine and I gave him a slight nod and he dropped his eyes shyly. We were going to have to have a talk without Janice around.

We got back into our street clothes and Janice paid for everything despite my feigned protest. It wasn’t like I was going to wear these pants outside of this grift. With everything paid for we made our way into Ooh. The entrance was all dark hardwood, the man at the entrance took our coats and gave us a number while we waited for the hostess to return.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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