The little red laser lights stayed steady over the sensitive areas of my body – my heart, my head and one playfully danced at my groin. I knew exactly who that was and Walker smirked as I looked at him with a sideways grin.

It was my father who stepped between me and the lights blocking all shots and lowering his weapon. “Did you mean to kill that girl?”

I shook my head. “No, sir. The Dragon was controlling me. I tried to stop him.”

“And did you mean to kill the man, this dragon?”

I nodded. “He conspired with at least three other dragons to undermine the human world two disturb the financial market, and one to upset the infrastructure of the city itself.”

Simon spoke behind my father, “There was no contract for him. Only the woman he brought in before.”

Kai turned around and looked at the big black man. “And you’ve never carried out an execution because you had the chance.”

Simon looked at Kai and frowned, he stammered, “Well… yeah… but…”

Emilio Vega stepped up next to my father. “You will pay your respects to Holland’s family.”

I nodded. “Yes sir.”

Emilio smiled and I saw where Dorian got his from, “You will not mention you were the one to do the deed. It was The Dragon.”

I nodded again. “Yes, sir.”

Everyone was clearing out, surprisingly no one from the warehouse below came up, maybe no one was there, or maybe they felt their boss die. But his body was a pile of ash that Walker and Holland’s partner were sweeping up into a bag.

“At least you didn’t burn the place down.” Walker joked.

I grinned. “I could.”

Kai shook his head. “No the Venatori will do an investigation to see what’s going on, we are already taking in the people left here for questioning.”

“There’s a strange magic here. I don’t know what it was, but it’s gone now.” I didn’t dare tell them that Matthew Haskins was here. That was the last thing I needed, was the Venatori to start spouting conspiracy theorist at me. I wasn’t looking to start trouble, but they always thought I did. Bringing accusations against one of our own was a big deal. And who was that man with them? He was the source of that strange magic. He felt vampire, but he was so much more than just vampire.

There was a lot of paperwork to do once I got back to the AU building with my father. He clapped me on the back as I sat down. “Good job son.” He said. I honestly think he was proud of me. Watching me kill a man made him proud. That was not something I wanted him to be proud of me about, but I’d take anything.

“Trix was released while you were out.” Dae’lin said behind me. “The Wicked Truth sent me discharge papers and instructions for her to report to the Night Life building’s tech team to work with and I quote ‘Chevalier’.”

I turned to look at her. “That’s good. I’m sure Wicked let Chevalier know she’s coming. And they’ll take care of it, but I’ll make sure.”

“She should have been tagged and bagged, Nox.”

I shook my head. “She’s only doing what her master told her to do. She was caged in by a baby vampire who Tony is taking care of. Naomi got caught.”

“So did she.” Dae’lin said.

“Maybe I want my own hackers.” I smiled at her.

“You are best friends with the Wicked Truth, you honestly need another one. You know Chevalier. That’s like knowing Il Cane herself, which my fucking god, Nox, you do. You call her by her first name. And Del Figlio. You are in close connection with every power house in New York City. And everyone here still thinks your way is the wrong way. Walker is comping at the bit to follow you around more.”

I groaned. “I know.” Dae’lin said, “You work alone, but think about it. Tomorrow the Heads of the clans will be here tomorrow to discuss Ye Pan’s death and what to do about his murderer. You are expected to be there.”

I sighed. “Yes ma’am.”

Dae’lin shook her head, “And Nox dress appropriately.”

I just grinned at her and she groaned in response. “Please, Nox.”