The Call of the Dragon

I dropped the veil as I stepped inside the room. I knew two of the faces. “One was Ye Pan, the man I’d followed, the second I didn’t know but he was from the second car that had followed Ye Pan into the building, the viking. The third was Matthew Haskins – headmaster to the Academy. What the fuck was he doing here?

The viking looked me up and down and then turned his attention to The Dragon. “I will leave you to deal with your little problem.” He looked at me again with a smirk and it looked like he wanted to say something but just shook his head then left through a back way tugging the headmaster after him. I wanted to know why Haskins was here.

“So who’s your blonde friend?” I asked The Dragon.

The Dragon sneered at me. I don’t know what he was thinking or which one of them was the telepath, though I could take a guess and say it was the blonde. I couldn’t place his pattern either, though it reminded me of Tony’s. Which was not a good thing, Venatori, Primeval Vampire and Dragons colluding together? No that didn’t bode well for anyone.

But The Dragon didn’t answer my question just asked his own, “Why do you have to meddle boy?”

I shrugged. “Cause that’s what I do?” I asked playfully.

He rolled his eyes and then walked over to what looked like a throne, it sat on a raised dias and was the only chair there. It was his throne. “So this is where you come to rule over your minions?” I asked.

He didn’t answer me again as he beckoned me to come with a crook of his finger. I felt a small tug and desire to comply. It wasn’t my natural inclination to obey at work, I knew that. It was something else. The Dragon smirked at me. “I don’t think you are in as much control as you think you are.”

“Maybe.” I said smartly. I knew it was the wrong thing when he beckoned me again and the compulsion to obey was stronger. Strong enough that I took a voluntary step closer to Ye Pan, the Dragon.

His smile grew wider even as I took another step and I fought. But I couldn’t help but go, it was like he moved me with his own flows of magic, like I was his puppet. “You will kneel before me little netherdragon.”

He waved his hand and I collapsed to my knees and supplicated myself to the fucking man. There was no way in hell I was going to allow this, yet I couldn’t move.

Ye Pan stood up and walked towards me, my head lifted and he smirked at me, “All Dragons can be commanded by their betters.”

I struggled against his control. I found it deep inside me. Found that little bit he thought to control. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you, baby nether. You are nothing. I should kill you now. I’d be rewarded. But I want your friends outside to watch as their strongest falls before me – The Dragon, and the Last Phoenix. You will be first and then we’ll take the world by storm with you out of the way.”

He was right about one thing, I was nothing. No one outside that building short of my father would care if I died. He was stupid.

He laughed as I stood up like I was being manipulated by real puppet strings. He was frowning and straining against me as I fought for my own control. I could feel the sweat beading on my forehead. He was sweating as well. He taught me easy prey.

As soon as the glass from the upper windows busted inward I was weaving a net of fire to fling at the Venatori entering. No! I screamed inside me as the fireball flew as a woman repelled downard.

I pulled against the bonds of the The Dragon. He would not control me! He did, but I knew I was stronger, I could feel that. I stopped hiding within myself. I let the power go. Everything I had burned through my body. It hurt. But The Dragon winced and I felt my bond to him crumbling amidst the fire inside. The Dragon fought harder and I sent a torrent of energy up the crumbling bond and he screamed in agony and fell to his knees as the last of the Venatori landed and aimed their laser lights at me. The Dragon screamed, “Save me!”

But no one saved him as I walked across the small gap between us and took hold of his head and smiled sweetly down at him. “The punishment for revealing your brethren to the humans is death.” I said.

“No.” Pan begged. “You don’t….” I didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence that I knew all too well, but you don’t kill anyone, and I snapped his neck with a quick turn and I felt the final hold on me vanish with the light in his eyes. I set the body on fire even as the laser lights till trained on me.

One of the large men in tactical gear removed his helmet and revealed Simon. He was frowning. “You killed Holland.”

I frowned. “He was controlling me.”

It was a poor excuse and I knew it. There would be a trial. I would pay the price whatever the decision was.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.