Where’s the Dragon

“Sage, you there man?”

I said into my headset without thinking if I looked crazy or not.

“Yeah. What’s up Nox?”

“You need me down there?” I asked.

“Nah, food arrived Trix is flying through the Dragon’s firewalls. She’s trying to get at his schedule, and his business locations that aren’t on public record. I’m scouring feeds for him, but I don’t have a picture to work from.” Sage said as he tapped away at his keyboard.

“I have a picture of the Dragon. It’s on my computer, it was in the archive information I got. It’s a picture of him getting into a car with a blonde man wearing sunglasses. It should be labeled Ye Pan.”

“How’d you get that?” Sage asked confused, “Trix says there are no pictures of The Dragon. That’s what makes him mysterious.”

I shrugged but Sage couldn’t see it.”Venatori have their way. It’s surveillance footage so likely taken from one of our PIs out in the field. Probably didn’t know what he was looking at.”

“Found it.” Sage said. “I’ll work on that. You go for that run.”

I laughed. “I didn’t say I wanted to.”

Sage chuckled, “You weren’t my best friend for over 17 years. How would I know you?”

I grinned. “Point taken. Watch her and I’ll be back up in a bit.”

“Go relax. We got this.”

So that’s what I did. I went for a run. I stopped in the gym and pulled out my old locker of things and changed into better attire, then headed out. I started with no goal in mind, but I ran past Alex’s building waving at the doorman who smiled at me and returned the wave. I ran past his fancy apartment and was thankful I didn’t run into her again.

I probably ran that circuit two or three times before I decided that stalking Alex was a bad idea. I really should talk to Margo about it. Or maybe Adrian. I owed him drinks…

Maybe I could make that up to him.

I didn’t make it back to the AU building before Sage was talking in my ear over my run playlist, “Nox?”

I slowed to a walk and answered him through breathes of air. “Yeah.”

“We got him. What do you want to do?”

“You found The Dragon?”

“We did.” Sage said. “He’s at a warehouse by the river, not far from you now.”

“Okay. I’m going in. Tell Dae’lin to send back up, but not to move unless things get dangerous. We want him alive, we don’t know what else he’s got planned.”

Dae’lin’s voice echoed in my ear. “Already on it Nox. You’re father was first on that call. He and Emilio wanted to see you in action. Their eta is 20 mins.”

“Okay.” I answered. I didn’t really want back up but I didn’t have Ant a call away. And with a dragon it might be too late. It was safer. I knew that but it didn’t make me feel any better with my dad on the team.




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