Mums The Word

I climbed up to the roof and tried my fucking best not to look down. I wasn’t in the mood to fight a dragon and have a panic attack at the same time. Climbing up was easy as long as I didn’t look down.

It wasn’t a very high building. I only had to climb three more sets of ladders to get to the the top of the building. The roof was flat and I felt safe again, even though I was ten stories above the ground. There was just something safe about having solid ground under my feet. There wasn’t much up on the roof. But I saw a shimmer of light that was the dragon hiding in plain sight. My senses were still wide and I narrowed in on her and just stood my ground three feet from the edge of the roof. “Come on, duckling. I can see you. You know this only goes down one way if you don’t come with me.”

And from the sounds of the door bursting open to my left it looked like it was going to go down only one way. “Look, duckling. You can come in, explain yourself and maybe they let your human go. Your son will be handed over to the Dragon council…”

She shimmered and took three steps towards me before Simon or Walker fired a shot and it bounced off her shoulder. I glared at him. Simon growled, “You idiot, you didn’t even bring dragon killing bullets.”

Walker looked embarrassed, “I grabbed the wrong gun.”

The Dragon was cowering against the building. She could have left. I stepped closer to her and she didn’t seem to cringe more but the moment Simon and Walker did she curled in on her self. “Stay back.” I said.

“We are going to kill her, aren’t we?”

I shook my head, “Not right now. My case, “I said with confidence. I knelt down in front of her, “You were going tell me something before we were rudely interrupted.”

“They can’t have Drake.”

“Your son?” I asked.

“He’s half human. They’ll kill him.” She blurted out.

“I won’t let that happen.” I promised. A child was not going to die because of what they have no control over. “I’ll help him the best I can, but in order to do that you have to come with me, and tell me what’s going on.”

She shook her head. “He’ll kill me.”

“Who will?” I asked.

Walker and Simon shifted from foot to foot as I spoke to the dragon. She shook her head. “Come with me and I’ll do what I can for you and your family.”

Walker opened his mouth, “You can’t…” Simon elbowed him as I stared at the pair of them making this so much worse.

“I can. I will. But you have to come in, and once you do you have to tell us what’s going on.”

She growled and I saw her mouth start to open and a glow in her throat. “Nah I don’t think so duckling.” I wrapped her up in a bubble of air and sucked the air out. “I’ll let you breath, but know that if you try to throw flames at me again I won’t be so nice.”

I opened a few tiny holes in the bubble and she gasped for breath. I stood up and looked at my useless pair of Venatori. “We need to collect the man and the boy down stairs. How did you get up here?

We all went down stairs, my captured dragon walked on her own steam except with Walker and Simon’s occasional shove in the back to get her to move. But she was incapacitated.

Simon growled to himself the whole way down. I overheard one, “Can’t believe this dragon is still alive.”

She growled back at him, “Ferasss” It was more of a hiss than a growl. I sighed this was going to be a long walk back to the compound. We could use the veil to take the train, but it wasn’t really worth the price we’d have to pay to get her through unscathed.

The man and the boy were still in the boys room. The boy, Drake ran to his mom and started crying. “Fucking great!” Simon yelled.

“Why don’t the two of you take him on the train.” I loosened the bonds and he could stand and walk. I set a tripwire and trigger to go off anytime the man walked three feet away from Walker. “I set an electric current to him, his hands and feet are bound but he can walk at a normal gait. But if he gets three feet from you, he’ll drop.” I said to them all.