James Wright

I hadn’t realized the impact I’d made on Ant’s life. Or the fact that all my saving vampires and werewolves was actually hurting them. Had life been better without my interference?

Ant wrapped his arm around my shoulders and laughed, “You are to critical of yourself Nox. Leave it alone.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Ant laughed. “Even if I hadn’t heard the gist of those thoughts, I know that look on your face.”

“What look is that?”

“The one that says I’m not worthy.” Ant grinned at me, “I’d say it was Wayne and Garth quality but you have no idea who they are.”

I sighed. “Tell Sage and Dev and I’m sure they will enlighten me.”

Ant grinned. “I won’t subject you to it, Nox.”

I started walking down the hall towards the infirmary. “Did our wolf calm down?”

Ant nodded. “He did. He recently released himself from the Infirmary. He had been there for a few months on anti-psychotics and once on the streets stopped talking his meds. His name is Larry Cavenough and he checked himself in right around the time you were there the first time.”

“He’s on his meds now?”

Ant shook his head. “No. But we have an empath who’s calmed him and he’s trying to reach out to James Wright. Our telecommunications team is routing the calls to a busy signal.”

“Let him call Mr. Wright and listen to his call.”

Ant nodded. “Do you wish to speak to him first?”

I nodded and Ant grinned as he pushed open the next door. “He’s through here.”

I stepped into a room that looked oddly familiar. I’d spent a few days in a similar room. The whole clinical feel was very off putting. “Mr Cavenough, I’m Nox. Are you ready to talk to me?”

He shook his head. “I can’t talk to you.”

“Why not?”

His smile turned grim. “You will die. No, you are dead. Yes – dead.”

“I’m not dead.”

“They saw you die. Burnt body to a crisp. They said I could go. But you are alive. A ghost made flesh.”

“I’m not a ghost I promise you.”

He shook his head. “Begone foul ghost. Go.”

“Why are you calling James Wright?”

He frowned. “James needs to know.”

“He needs to know what?” I asked patiently.

“That you live.” And then he turned to the window and waved his arms like he was shooing me away. “Go ghost. I can’t. I won’t. James will kill me.”

I sighed and turned to leave. Ant was on my heels. “That was interesting.”

“Let him talk to James. I want to know what’s going on.”

Ant nodded and pulled out his phone and started calling while I headed to the service elevator to head back upstairs to what was left of my teenage party. I prayed nothing was broken.

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