Chris was busy taking care of the drinks. Darwynn came upstairs and was strolling into the kitchen and Chris let out a small eep as he sat down in front of her container of ice and drinks. “Who’s the teenage girl?” Darwynn asked me.

“Matt’s friend. She wanted to give Matt and his beau a few minutes alone.”

“They are probably making out on the piano.” Chris laughed.

“If they are making out in the studio they are so going to get in trouble. Dev won’t even let me make out with him in the studio.” I grinned at her.

Chris blushed but kept on working as she said, “Maybe I should go interrupt them then.”

“Leave them.” Darwynn said. “What’s a girl like you being friends with a boy like Matt? You friends with Faelen?”

Chris smiled. “Fae is sweet, but he’s too quiet.”

Darwynn nodded. “He grew up rough. He needs Nox as about as much as Nox needs his family.”

“Which is a lot.” I added to the conversation.

Chris asked, “Why did you all meet?”

Darwynn laughed. “Nox and a bunch of boys were on a camping trip in my neck of the woods. Matt was one of them. Me and Fae were living a rough life in the mountains and shit fell out of the sky as it seems to do around Nox and we are where we are now. Me and the boy are friends. He’s adopted Matt and Fae. And now I work for him.”

“Shit fell out of the sky?” Chris asked with a giggle.

“He means there was a lot of trouble and fighting and misunderstandings.” I said.

Chris laughed. “You know, I know all about what Matt is right?”

Darwynn asked, “What is Matt?” His voice was full of concern and I thought I almost detected a hint of fear.

“He’s Venatori. Supernatural police slash peace keeper.”

“He told you that?” I asked.

“No.” Chris blushed. “I heard it in his head. He called you a god and was thinking about all the things he couldn’t tell me.”

“You are a telepath?” I asked.

She shook her head. “No. Not exactly.”

“But you hear thoughts?”

“I was conceived by a human host.”

Darwynn looked at me and frowned. “What’s she saying?”

“Her mother or father was possessed by an angel when she was conceived.” I said.

“My Mom was” Chris said. “She’s very religions and Viviene needed a host, so Mom agreed. Viviene was new to emotions and when she hooked up with my Dad in a one night stand she wasn’t careful. But Mom finished Vivienne’s mission and found out I was going to be born in a few months.”

“So you can hear my thoughts?” I asked.

Chris shook her head. “Not really. It doesn’t work like that. I hear the lies.”

I laughed. “So you heard half of what Darwynn and I were thinking about the shit storm?”

Chris smiled. “No. None of what you said was a lie.”

“What did Matt say when you told him he was lying?”

“I never told him. I kissed him.”

“What did he do?” I leaned down on my elbows rapt with attention for this story.

Chris giggled. “I wasn’t the first girl to kiss him. He rolled his eyes and took me by the shoulders and held me away from him and sternly said, ‘no’. I taunted him with I know what you are and then ran away. He chased after me and when he caught me in the library stacks I told him what he was. We’ve been friends ever since.”

“So the kiss was just a ploy?” Darwynn asked, “Dirty little minx.”

“Matt doesn’t like girls – everyone knows that.” Chris defended herself. “I wanted to tease him.”

I looked at Darwynn. “What did our friends downstairs have to say?” I asked. Chris smiled at me before she went back to work.

Darwynn shook his head. “Not much. Valence won’t talk. Their methods aren’t brutal enough yet. I never thought Il Cane to be soft.”

I sighed, “That’s my fault. I’d rather he didn’t die just yet.”

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