We got home and Dev and Sage and the kids were all in the home theater room watching Star Wars. I waved at my boys and I barely got a response. Dee pulled me along to my room. Of all the rooms in the house mine was the sparsest. You could tell I had no interest in decorating. However there was a reason for it. My walls were coated with a flame retardant paint, the ceiling and the wall as well. Nothing in my room burned. Well it does if I left things open. I had a tiny house builder build my room. I had an fully functional bedroom I could hide in my wall, but I didn’t usually have it that way.

Dee looked around, “I don’t think I’ve ever been in here.”

“I don’t usually let you in my room.”

“Why now?”

I smiled at Dee as I pulled off my shirt and pants and stood in my boxers and locked my door. “Because I don’t trust you in your room.”

Dee pouted. “I take it you are ready?”

“I am. Do you want me naked?” I asked.

“Uh. What do you want?”

“Or on my knees?” I asked again with a smirk.

Dee took a deep breath and was about to say something when she laughed. “Oh. Sorry.” She cleared her throat. “Strip then on your knees facing the wall.” She pointed in the direction she wanted.

Dee raised her hand and was about to swat my ass and I cleared my throat, “No hitting of any kind.”

She stowed her hand and put it on her hip with a bright blush as I pulled my boxers off. My cock was hardening in anticipation but she looked at me and frowned, “Am I never enough for you?”

I sighed. “Dee, we just got started.”

“If Dev told you to get undressed you’d be rock hard.”

“Dee, you aren’t Dev. Dev would never tell me to get undressed unless we were having a quickie he likes undressing me. Sage would never tell me either. So your point is moot.”

“But you don’t trust me.”

I nodded. “I don’t, but I’m here. You promised to listen. So far you are doing a good job.”

Dee sighed, “I don’t think this will work.” She picked up my boxers and tossed them too me.

I had a better idea than teaching her to top me. I wasn’t super fast but I was on top of Dee and pressing her up against my door before she could finish saying her sentence. She looked wide eyed up at me and I grinned down at her. “How about you be the bottom, and I’ll show you exactly what I like to have done to me. Not things I want to do to you.” I grinned lasciviously at her, “Things I enjoy while in a scene. If I do it to you I enjoy it being done to me. Some things can’t be reversed and I’ll tell you.”

Dee’s heart was racing I could hear it in her chest. Her breath was quick and I could smell her arousal. “Leah said you topped women.”

I nodded. “Only women. Do you agree, Dee?”

She nodded.

“You need to say it out loud.”

“Yes, Nox. I agree.”

“For the duration of the scene you will call me Master. And I will call you whatever I like.” It wasn’t hard to call up the old me. To be the man that Adrian had shown me how to be. It wasn’t about sex. It was about standing up for who I was. And when I understood that Adrian told me he couldn’t teach me anymore. Between Dom and sub I learned I didn’t have to take shit from anyone, and that I was strong enough to be myself. Which I was neither Dom nor sub, I enjoyed both aspects of it to a degree but it wasn’t a life style I enjoyed. I enjoyed taking control of someone being that person, but I didn’t like punishing them, all I wanted to do was make them feel good. And as a sub giving up control is everything but again I can’t take the punishment. I respond better to praise given my start in life its pretty obvious to me that is what I need. But it’s hard pressed to get.

I asked, “Safe words?”

Dee nodded and I raised my eyebrow. “Red and Yellow.”

“Any hard limits I need to be aware of before we start?” I asked.


“No what?” I asked.

“No Master.” She took a swallow and I smiled.

“Good girl. Now on your knees.”

She hesitated, “I’m still dressed.”

I growled. “On your knees. Now!”

Dee hesitated, giving me that look. She didn’t like me right now. She didn’t think I was serious about this. I walked behind her and I whispered in her ear. “I said on your knees.” And I pressed the ball of my foot into her knee and she buckled to the ground. It was an ungainly display of her grace and beauty but she’d listen or I was done. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her into a sitting on her heels then craned her head back to look up at me. “Next time you will obey completely. But this is your last chance, Duckling, Do you still want to play?”

Dee nodded then remembered herself. “Yes, Master.”

I smiled. “Good.” I let go of her hair and knelt down behind her. “The name of the game is how long can I sit still.” I ran my fingers over the base of her neck and she shivered under my tender touch. I found a sensitive spot just below her neck and cataloged it for later. This was the first time I’d gotten a chance to explore the finer aspects of Dee’s body. She squirmed and I said, “Sit still.” Dee was having a hard time, and I expected our night was going to be trying but hopefully it would yield some understanding between us.

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