Finally dressed, I padded my way to the kitchen sans socks and shoes. Dee was walking out of my room half in a daze with my sheet wrapped around her. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You were sleeping. Figured you could use the rest.”

Dee blushed and then threw her hair over her shoulder. “I don’t think I want to do that again.”

I smirked. “Too much submission for you, duckling?”

She sighed. “You … I think… “ Dee growled. “You are too good at it and I’m not good at behaving.”

“Tell me you didn’t have a good time?”

There was a blush again. “I did. But…”

I shrugged. “No buts, but I won’t ask it of you again. But the point of it was to show you what I liked, not to give you what you wanted.”

Her eyes went wide at the realization. “You mean you …what would you have done if I’d done what you did?”

“Which time?” I asked.

Dee sighed, “When you came all over my legs instead of letting me finish.”

I smirked. “I would have taken my punishment and waited until you saw it fit for me to actually come.”

“You like that? Waiting, that was mean.”

I shrugged. “It was punishment for not controlling your body.”

“I still can’t believe you like that. You really enjoy when Dev tortures you with the feather in bed. Or when he makes you hold still?”

I smiled at her. “I like giving up the control. Dev never needed me to tell him to do those things. He enjoys them too. You keep wondering why we connect, because we just do. Maybe he’s just reading my mind, but I don’t think so.” I shrugged at her. “Everything I did to you last night I enjoy. Each annoying little thing, each part you hated, each little punishment you had earned – all things you can do to me and I won’t freak out. But hitting, touching my back, pushing me into my anxiety states with heights, or needle like objects, clowns or any of my other irrational fears are a no go. Not only will I call out my safe word to stop I won’t trust you to take care of me again.”

Dee shook her head. “How do you do it? I don’t think I could be that for you. You were tender and pampering and you were only mean at the end.”

I smiled. “I like submitting Dee to the right person. I don’t think you can be what I want either. But either which way, you have more than what you had before about my flavor of kink.”

Dee smiled and pressed a kiss to my cheek. “I’m sorry, but I’m mad at you too.”

“I’m sorry too but why are you mad at me?”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me properly. She was naked underneath that sheet and was every bit as horny as she had been last night. I laughed, “Did I not satisfy you?” I asked.

She whispered against my lips. “You had no interest in helping me get to where I wanted to go.”

I rolled my eyes. “Dee, I was showing you I can stay still no matter what you do to me, and I can keep quiet when you knew all to well how much I wanted to make noise. I wanted to touch you. I wanted to move. I wanted to call out your name when you came on top of me pushing me to another level. But I was showing you it can be done.”

Dee sighed. “You are a pain in my ass Nox.” She grinned as she pulled away. “And none of you can satisfy me.” She sashayed out of the kitchen as Dev walked into the it. She stopped and pressed a kiss to his lips and he squeezed her ass before letting her go. “Sage is in the shower.” He called behind her.

“You didn’t tell her.”

Dev grinned. “I’ll tell her later. She’s in that mood. And honestly I’m sore.”

I gave my rockstar a smirk and he rolled his eyes. “I’m going to start cooking you want to help?”

“I want breakfast. Celebratory pancakes and ice-cream.”

I rolled my eyes as I heard the three-year-old from the other room yell, “Ice-cream for breakfast.”

Matt came out carrying Drake. Faelen was still asleep with Morana. It was an odd mix but they spent a great deal of time together. Her cool to his hot and his need to curl up tempered her need to hurt people. I wouldn’t let Morana feed from Fae yet, but he had offered. He told me in confidence that he wouldn’t mind if she did once and awhile to give me a break. Which was also why Vin was teaching her how to hunt properly, but she was 300 years old – still in the body of a child, with a child-like brain. Her capacity to understand was limited to what an 8 year old could. But her innocence was far far gone.

“Fine you can have pancakes.” I gave Dev a mock sigh of exasperation and he pressed a kiss to my lips.

“I love you make me desserts for breakfast.”

“I said nothing about ice-cream.”

Dev’s bright blue eyes sparkled at me as he stuck out his bottom lip and pouted. I sighed, “Fine, ice-cream too.”

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