Meeting Andrew

The buzzer for the apartment went off which meant someone had exited the elevator and Jin wasn’t at her desk. Which she shouldn’t be, so from the kitchen I made my way to our front door to find a cute blonde boy standing shly in front of my door. He looked up at me with bright blue eyes – not quite Sage or Dev’s color, but a nice blue. “Matt said I could stop by early to go over the playlist with one of his Dads.”

I heard running down the hall towards the front door and Matt skid to a halt nearly colliding with me. Chris was rolling her eyes walking behind him. He looked to the blonde boy and asked, “Did he say anything.”

He shook his head. “I was just telling him you said I could come by.”

Matt looked up at me and frowned, “You haven’t said anything?”

I smirked. “I was admiring your taste in men. I’m not much into blondes but you nailed the blue eyes.”

Both Matt and the boy blushed and Chris laughed. “He’s so got you two pegged.”

Matt shot a glare at his friend and then turned to me offering the boy his hand. I let Matt pull his friend into the house. “I’m Nox, by the way. It’s nice to meet you Andrew.”

He smiled up at me and offered me his hand. “Thanks for letting Matt have this party. The football team has been so much nicer since I started dating Matt.”

“They picked on you?” I said as we walked into the kitchen?

“No more than the other boys. But my dad is the coach and I have been water boy for years and they still treat me like a kid.”

Andrew muttered, “Doesn’t help that I like boys.”

I patted the boy on the back. “I know that feeling. They aren’t picking on you are they Matt?”

Chris laughed. “Would you pick on a kid that could beat you to a pulp standing still?”

Andrew nodded. “Remember when Mitch tried to hit you. You ducked and he went flying into the locker and busted his hand. So much for his football career.”

Chris giggled. “Or when Darain was picking on Skylar and Matt stepped in between punches and caught them both.”

I gave Matt a look that said you better not have been showing off. He added. “It was nothing. I have a good teacher.” He nodded in my direction. “Nox taught me how to control the fight without throwing any punches. He figured I was going to need it to protect myself.”

I smiled. I had also taught him so he wouldn’t hurt anyone while he was pretending to be human. He was stronger than I was and he could do some massive damage, so we had practiced long and hard before he went to his first day of school.

Andrew’s face was in awe. “Can you teach me?”

I shrugged. “If your parents say it’s alright you can join in Matt’s training sessions after school.”

“Me too?” asked Chris.

“If your mom says it’s okay.”

“You’d really teach me to fight?”

I smiled. “Where I grew up, the girls learned to fight just like me. Some of them could even beat the shit out of me. Don’t get into a fight with Mia.” I said.

Matt asked, “Jace and Mia are coming aren’t they?”

I shrugged. “You invited them, you tell me.”

“I figured you could use friends too. Other than Ant and Jin. Dev, Sage and Dee don’t count.”

“You call your parents by their first names?”

I laughed. “I’m his legal guardian.”

“My dad is still in the picture.” Matt said. “I feel wrong calling them Dad since he’s around. Fae, Drake and Morana all call him Dad, Dev Da, and Sage Vader. Mom is of course Dee.”

“Why Vader?” Andrew asked.

“It’s a long story revolving around Star Wars and the line that never uttered in Star Wars.”

Chris giggled, “Luke, I am your father.” Her Vader impersonation was pretty spot on.

Matt laughed, “Except it was Drake doing the saying to Sage “You are my father, Vader.””

“It kinda just stuck.”

Matt took Andrew by the hand and pulled him towards Dev’s studio. Chris followed behind stalling. “You can help me with the drinks if you want Chris.” I added as she shuffled her feet out the door.

She turned and smiled and whispered, “Thank you,” before she was picking up the Mountain Dew Adam had left and started putting them into the ice bucket sitting on the counter.

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