Eyes Inside

After Mrs. Ven left I called Darwynn, asked him to meet me in the Infirmary here to talk to Cavanough. He was doing better according to Jin and I wanted to know what he had found out. Ant was by the elevator when I went to go down. He smiled at me. “I saw Sage and Dee talking.”

“And?” I asked.

“They were talking about what she might expect when talking to my father.”

“Can you arrange that?”

He nodded. “Apparently Jin already did. She may not be a telepath or an empath but she is very sensitive to your needs.”

I smiled. “My perfect woman eh?”

Ant chuckled, “I would never let let you subject yourself to a lovely girl like that.”

“Lovely eh?” There was a lot more to that one word Ant had said. “Are you and Jin?”

Ant didn’t hesitate, “No.” But there was disappointment in his eyes.

“You tried?” I asked when the elevator doors opened up and we stepped in. I was finding that even the enclosed steel walls made me anxious. Maybe there was more to my elevator fear.

Ant laughed. “No. You are clausterphobic too?”

I looked at him and frowned, “That’s new though. I think.”

Ant rolled his eyes as I leaned back against the elevator wall. “It’s not new Nox. You are just aware of it.”

“I get off on being trapped, Ant.”

“Geez, Nox. I don’t need to know these things.” Ant said with a concerned look on his face. “There is a difference between wanting to be trapped and actually being trapped. Maybe it’s new, you did die Nox.”

“But I wasn’t trapped.” I said. “I wasn’t in a small space.”

“Sounds like you need to talk to Margo.”

I sighed. “I do. I’ve been doing better with weekly appointments. I think this has more to do with missing an appointment.”

“You missed your appointment?”

“I needed to take care of Dee. It was more important.”

Ant grinned madly at me. A huge smile split his face as he wrapped his arms around me, “I’m so proud of you.”

The doors dinged open and we stepped out into the infirmary lobby. My favorite desk clerk sat there and she smile. “Mr. Cavenough has been requesting you.”

“Has he now?” I asked. She gave me a nod and we headed down the hall.

“What did he have to say to James Wright?”

“IT says it was normal chatter. He told them about you being alive and James was like I know you idiot. Everything’s fine, keep him busy, the architects are almost done.”

“The Architects. That’s twice today. I need Darwynn, now. Go find him.” I said.

“So glad you think so little of me Nox.” Darwynn said behind me. “I told you I’d be here. I’m here.”

I turned ans smiled at my friend. “I’m sorry, but I don’t like this.”

Darwynn chuckled, “Always impatient, Nox. What did you need me to do? I assume that’s why you summoned me.”

“I’m sorry.” I sighed. “Yes. I need you to find out any information you can on the Architects. Hector Ven is part of them.”

“Your human client’s husband?” Ant asked.

“She’s married to were of the CCB. She mentioned Hector is part of some group called the Architects being headed up by Elena Sanders.”

“Charles’ wife, Darwynn asked?”

“That’s who Mrs. Ven thinks Hector is sleeping with. But now that Cavenough and Wright were talking about the Architects I’m even more worried about it. The name implies planning something I want to know what.”

Darwynn nodded. “On it. It might take a few days.”

“Whatever it takes Darwynn, I just need the information. I’ll be checking out Hector soon. And I need to find Rob.”

Darwynn clapped my shoulder and nodded. “On it boss.” And with as little ceremony as he came, Darwynn was walking the other way down the hall to do as I asked him. He hadn’t even questioned me.

I turned to Ant, “When did people start listening to me?”

Ant just wrapped his arm around me, “Nox, I think you missed a lot before you died.”

I gave him a wry look as he ushered me down the hall to Cavenough’s room. Now to figure out what he was up to and how he was going to keep me busy.

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