I got Shelly to the infirmary in the Night Life building and the receptionist looked at me with a wide smile. “So are you going to be bringing all your strays here?”

I grinned at her. “Yes, ma’am I am. Is that a problem?”

She shook her head. “No sir. There have always been rumors about you. No one really believes them. But as I sit and breathe here you are – second day in a row with an injured were. Every other Venatori would have just killed her with a bite like that.”

I nodded, “I’m not every other Venatori.”

“I believe them now. Ascendant they say. I’m sure there are several girls looking to take you home tonight. And probably several researchers here who’d like you to stay.”

I laughed. “I’ve got more than enough problems in the romance department I don’t need more, so please keep these girls at bay and the researchers too. I’m not guinea pig.”

Behind me there was a curt laugh. “There goes my plans then.”

A nurse with a wheel chair came and took Shelly away with my parting words, “I’ll come check on you later.” Or Jin would. Someone would anyway.

I turned to look at the blond man with ice blue eyes standing behind me. He looked familiar but I couldn’t place him. “Asher Eriksen.”

I nodded and offered him my hand. “Nox.” I said.

Asher ignored my hand, “I’m hope you don’t mind.”

I wiped my hand on my jeans instinctively and nodded. “No problem at all. You have plans to take me home tonight?”I joked.

Asher laughed, “Research. Though…” He raised an eyebrow and then laughed softly. “I do think I’ll stick to the research.”

“What do you want with me?” I asked. There were so many reasons someone would want me for research. “Immortality, my DNA, blood samples, sperm?” It was a joke but Asher’s passion was genetics. His family had been in that game for generations and that was the reason he was such a savvy businessman – he needed to fund his research.

“All of the above. I just want a sample. You fell through the breeding program and I never got a chance to extract it.”

“I’m no longer Venatori.” I said to Asher with a little more venom than I intended.

“I know but I was hoping you’d help with finding cures, and understanding how you came to be.” Asher walked with me as I headed towards the elevator.

“I’m not interested in finding cures, or understanding my birth. I have enough knowledge that I don’t need the rest.”

Asher sighed. “We have samples at your entrance to the Academy, but it’s since changed. I’d like to see how.”

I reached up and plucked a hair from my head. “This is all I’ll give you.” I said as I stepped on to the elevator, “I have a boy to see.”

Asher took the sample and nodded. “I will speak with you again, Nox.”

“If you must Asher, make an appointment.” I said as the doors closed around me. I left one of the most power Venatori in the lobby of the Infirmary of the Night Life building and I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about it. I was going to have to keep that feeling in check – absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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