No More Party

By the time we reached my floor Ant had hung up with telecom and they were letting Cavenough do his thing. I’d listen later. I’m sure I had to smooth over things with Dee and Sage. I was surprised when I opened the door to see that the music was not playing. Jin was busy cleaning up cups and plates and various other tidbits of garbage around the apartment.

“What happened?” I asked.

Jin turned and pulled out here ear bud and frowned. “What was that?”

“What happened?” I asked again. “Why is the party over?”

Jin frowned, “Ask Dee.”

I groaned. Ant laughed. “Good luck with that.”

I sighed as I headed back to our room. Her and Sage were having an argument as I walked into the room. Sage was yelling. “This wasn’t your party.”

I wanted to turn around and go the other direction but I knew better than that. “What happened?” I asked them.

Sage looked at me with a frown. “You left.”

I sighed. “I’m leaving again. I have to go find a baby were before he gets hurt.”

“Then why are you home.” Sage shouted.

“I had to bring another were here, and Alec wanted me to do something and I figured since I was almost home I’d come see if everything was alright. Apparently it’s not.”

Dee’s glare was hot. “You and Dev just leave. Like we don’t matter. Sage was all for letting the little kids out there rut and screw right on the dance floor.”

“They weren’t screwing on the fucking dance floor.” Sage shouted. “I was watching everything. You were the one getting out of hand and when Matt said something you you went off the deep end and threw everyone including Matt out of the house.”

“You what?” I knew that was not what happened.

Sage looked at me and sighed. “I called Matt he and Chris were going to walk Andrew home then come back home, they’d crash with Ryan if Dee was serious.”

“You have no right to kick a sixteen year old kid out of my house Dee.”

“It’s my house too.”

“Yeah Dee it is. It’s Matt’s fucking house too. He’s here. He’s mine. Just because he doesn’t let you walk the fuck all over him doesn’t mean you can kick him out.”

Dee stood and stared at me then flipped me off. “You can fuck yourself tonight!”

I smirked. “Gladly duckling.”

Dee grabbed Sage’s hand and tugged on him and head out of the shared room.

Sage dragged his heels and then he stopped and went along. “Sage, you don’t have to go.”

He looked at me and smiled. “I know.” He stopped and pulled his hand free of Dee’s grasp. “I’ll be there in a little bit.”

I shook my head. “No you two can stay here. I’m leaving anyway.”

I said as I headed out the door. Sage followed me out the door and grabbed my hand when we were in the kitchen. “Nox…”

I stopped but didn’t turn around. He turned me around physically so he could look down into my eyes. I loved those three extra inches he had on me but right now I didn’t want to. He smiled and I relented ant gave him a smile in return. “I know Dee is just mad, but if I don’t go with her she’ll do something stupid. And her stupid isn’t your stupid.”

I laughed, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You will go do dangerous things, but yourself in danger to save someone else. Dee’s going to go fuck some other guy because she’s pissed at us and that will cause all sorts of more drama because she doesn’t think of the ramifications.”

“So you let her walk all over you?”

Sage shrugged. “I know it seems that way.”

“It is that way. You do whatever she wants. You don’t spend any time with me or Dev anymore Sage.”

“I…” Sage stammered then nodded. “I’m sorry about that. Dee is exceedingly more and more unhappy with you and Dev. And I try to stay on her good side.”

“You know it’s not just Dee right?”

“Adam?” he asked.

I nodded. “If you aren’t with Dee you are with Adam. No time for either of us. You and me haven’t watched a movie in ages.”

“You could watch with us.”

“Watch with you and Adam? And let Adam glare at me the whole time? I don’t think so.” I said.

Sage sighed. “He’s my brother.”

“I know. He’s family. I get it but I don’t like the way he manipulates you anymore than how Dee does.”

“I’m a big boy, Nox. I can take care of myself.”

“Fine.” I said and I turned around and left the kitchen with Ant in front of me. He didn’t want to be between Sage and I but he was there if it went south.

“Nox.” Sage said again and I stopped again.

“I do love you.”

I nodded. “I know. And I love you.” I said and walked out of the apartment. My fucking life was going to fall apart. So much for a happy few months.

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