Empath to Empath

Dee was fuming. She could believe the asuda city of that man. He didn’t even love her. Nox was so hung up on dev he didn’t see anything else. Dee don’t make out it to her room or their room either. She hadn’t made it pay the kitchen. There was a plate of mostly eaten cookies. She smiled. The boys had polished off her last creation. At least they lobbed me, she thought to her self.

Dee prepared for another batch. Flour, eggs, butter, chocolate chips. The was busy measuring ingredients when a man walked into her kitchen with a half smile. Her was cute but not one of her lovers. His hair was a mess and he say down at the bar. “I’m nick.” He said. He didn’t even pause for her tho saggy anything, “I didn’t have a dad like you. Mine threw me and my brothers on the street when he found out what we could do. Tristan and Jake could handle their gift. I couldn’t. I did everything I could to dull the emotions I was feeling.”

Dee interrupted him, “Did Nox send you?”

Nick nodded. “He did. But really it was Cari who sent me.”

“Because Nox said so.” Dee bit out.

“No. Because she feels you. You drive her crazy. I feel you. And says you feel the way the demon did when out was trying to take over nox.”

“The demon is dead.”

Nick nodded. “Exactly.”

“He was hurting kids.”

Nick just let her talk. “You are saying I’m hurting people.”

“You are hurting the ones you love the most. You feed on them. I see them floating all around you like they are your life line. Nox’s energy is chaotic, Sages blue electricity humming around you protecting it from him, and Dev’s on at the core powering the base of your shields. I think you siphoned off their emotions. You may have fed Morpheus, but you feed yourself more. Once you could put that shield up again, you just kept doing what you always did.”

“I do not!”

Nick reached across the counter and and touched her. He wasn’t a dream walker or a telepath, but he was an empath, he saw connections. Cords and lines drawn between people. There was no hiding anything from him in terms of relationships. He saw all. He showed her what he could, how she felt. What was around her, he couldn’t share his vision but he could share her feeling. Dee didn’t need more than that she jerked away. “You lie.”

Nick frowned. “I wish I did.”

“I don’t do that.” There were tears in her eyes. Actual pain in her heart. Nick could feel it. His own heart ached for her. She hadn’t known. He believed that now. “Help me,” she begged as she reached around and grabbed Nick’s arm.

“I can’t. I don’t know how. I can shield away the things, but I don’t feed. I never have. A vampire can help. Maybe Cari can. Ant maybe.”

Dee growled. “Neither of them.”

Nick shrugged. “There are other vampires. Tony, he calmed Il Cane.”

Dee shook her head. “No. No vampires they are death.”

Nick stood up. “I can’t help you. That’s for you to deal with. I’m sure Nox can help you.” Nick didn’t wait for a good-bye or even said it himself. He just left through the door leading out of the kitchen and back into the main lobby area. He hadn’t helped. But maybe Dee thought, maybe she could learn to stop hurting them…

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