Don’t go

Our bedroom was empty. I wasn’t sure where anyone was and without letting my powers go I really had no way of finding out. I wasn’t that pressed to find anyone. I had to get ready for Matt’s part. I couldn’t wear the shorts and t-shirt that said, “Kiss the Cook” to a teenage party. I couldn’t wear leather pants and a mesh shirt either. But I knew Dev and Dee would expect me to look both paternal and hot at the same time. Not an easy feat.

Jeans, a solid t-shirt underneath a black button up that wasn’t buttoned and a pair of sneakers that I didn’t go running in. Dee hated when I did that. She made me go shopping for shoes. Your running shoes get smelly. I sighed but had listened to her. I’d normally not wear shoes in the house, but with a bunch of little feet scampering around my house it was a good idea.

Drake and Morana were regulated to the theater room watching TV with Jin, Xi and Vin. My babysitters. Xi was a new addition recently. He’d just broken up with his long time girlfriend and was lonely so we had invited him over for movies one night. He and Dev got on well, the whole dream walking thing was a good connection. And Xi loved Morana. He was one of three people she curled up with. Don’t know why she chose him, but we were happy she had found someone outside me and Fae to curl up with. And he didn’t mind her cool touch. That was always good.

I was applying eyeliner when I heard voices in the bedroom. It was just muffled and I ignored it at first until Dee shouted, “You can’t go!”

Ah fuck! Dev was talking to Dee about going on tour. I expanded my hearing so I could listen. I hated doing it but I wanted to make sure Dev was alright. And this was important. I heard Dev chuckling in my head as he reassured me he was going.

“I can go. I’m going, Dee. Nox and Sage are here you can live without me for four weeks.” Dev said.

“Nox is needy. Sage and I can’t handle him on our own.”

Dev laughed. “Sage is capable of handling Nox. He’s not that bad, Dee. He is better now. Don’t you see it? The depression isn’t as high, the anxiety is normal.”

Dee whined, “He won’t be fine if you leave.”

“He will.” Dev sighed. “This isn’t about Nox. You just want me to stay and think Nox is the only reason I would.”

“I do not.”

Dev laughed, “Really, you are going there? I can hear what you think.”

Dee stammered but she didn’t say anything else. The only thing I heard was them kissing. Dee’s go to move.

I stepped out of the bathroom and brushed passed the kissing couple on my way out the door. I wasn’t going to interrupt their make out session but thought I should say something so when I got to the door I stopped and turned to them. Their eyes were on me and I smirked. “Dee he’s going. If you talk him out of it, I’m going to pack his things, and I’m going to kick his ass out to the bus that’s taking them on tour. He’s going.”

I turned and left with Dev frowning slightly but he was smirking in my head. I heard Dee say, “Now he’s going all bossy again,” as I rounded the corner to go into the kitchen, where Matt and Chris were fervently talking and then stopped when I came in.

Matt asked, “Dev’s going on tour?”

“He is. Cool right?”

Chris said. “Can I get his autograph before he becomes famous?”

I laughed. “I think Dev would like that. We’ll have to find a few extra DS shirts for the band to sign.”

Chris giggled. “My mom would so freak.”


“Because my best friend’s Da is a rockstar. And so cute.”

I laughed. “He is mighty fine.” I said leaning down on the counter like it was some sort of secret between us. “And he’s great in bed too.” I grinned and Chris blushed and giggled at my words.

Matt rolled his eyes. “Stop flirting with my friends.”

I walked around the counter to where Matt sat and kissed his check, “Never.”

I went in search for Sage and Adam. I knew where they’d be. I needed to see if Sage was going to be monitoring the cams for any teenage nookie. As I was leaving Chris called, “Hey Nox.”

I turned to look and she was smiling at me. “He’s not the only cute one. I think there are three of you.”

I smirked and looked at Matt. “I like her.”

He rolled his eyes, “You only like her cause she thinks you are cute.”

I grinned. “There is that. But that’s not why. She’s got a quick wit. So needed around here with all you dour faces.”

Matt just rolled his eyes and got up from his stool, “Come on Chris lets go see if Dev has the music ready. He probably needs to be saved from Dee.”

“They were kissing when I left.”

Matt stopped and sighed. “Let’s go to the studio and wait there then.” Good idea. I thought, Matt definitely didn’t want to walk in on that – again.

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