Faking It

Upstairs I found Jin sitting with Chris and Andrew in the livingroom. Matt was lying on the couch with a bandage to his head and an air brace around his leg. I raised my eyebrows in question when Chris turned to see me. “Oh you’re. Matt fell.” She rushed over and pulled me over to see Matt who was grinning up at his boyfriend who was tending to the dried blood on his face.
“What happened?” I asked.

Matt shrugged. “We were playing in the rafters like we always do and I tried to do a double back flip and I slipped on the landing and crashed into Dee’s dining room table.”

“Where are they?”

Matt shrugged again. “Jin said she couldn’t find them, so she went up to get Doc and he gave me this air split, told me a couple days and I should be good as new.”

“And the head?” I asked

“Doc said it looked worse than it was. That I had to keep the bandage on to keep it clean.” Chris added.

“Can I talk with Matt for a minute?” I looked at Chris and Andrew.

Andrew stood up. “Mr. Sétanta, don’t get mad at Matt. It’s might fault. I dared him to do it.”

“Andrew, it’s Nox and I’ll keep that in mind while I talk with him. If you don’t mind. Jin could you take them downstairs for some ice-cream.”

“Of course, Nox. Come on kids. Leave Matt to pay for his crimes.” She said with a smile and a wink at Matt. Matt had the right idea and nodded with a frown.

I sighed after I heard the door close. I removed the bandage from Matt’s head and looked at the would be gash. “I’ll be healed in an hour.” I said.

“Doc set the leg and it’ll heal completely in about three more.”

I nodded. “If you keep this secret from Andrew and it’s serious then he finds out later, you aren’t going to have him.”

Matt sighed. “If I tell him, I’m violating the TCP and I’d rather not make you mad.”

“You’d rather risk your relationship?” I asked.

“If Dev wasn’t a telepath and you were sixteen, would you tell him?” Matt asked.

“When I was sixteen, Matt I wasn’t dating. I submissive with Adrian and I was fucking girls at raves.”

“Would you tell them now? I mean you love them. Would you tell a human?” Matt almost sounded like he was pleading for an answer.

I shrugged. “I don’t know Matt. I did with Sage. I violated the rules to tell him. I didn’t see he was a path because I was distracted by his blue eyes.”

Matt mumbled, “And other things.”

I laughed. “Are you noticing the finer things about my mysterious-blue-eyed boy?”

Matt blushed, “And you and Dev.”

“Is this something we need to watch?”

Matt shook his head. “No. I just notice things.”


Matt sighed. “The three of you together and your pants buldge in all the right places and…” Matt covered his face with his hands. “Nox, It’s hormones, nothing more.”

“Are you and Andrew safe?”

Matt’s peeked through his fingers and sighed, “We’ve not yet.”

“Do you want to?” I asked.

“Hell yeah, but…”

“But what?” I asked.

“Andrew is a virgin.”

“Does he want to?” I asked.

Matt shrugged. “I don’t know.”

I stood up and smiled down at Matt. “I’ll put the box of condoms in the hallway bathroom out of Drake’s reach. I know you won’t force him, but you always wear a condom.”

Matt’s hands still his his face but I could see the blush creeping up around his fingers. “I should tell him.”

I shrugged. “Matt, only you know who you can trust. And Andrew seems like a nice guy. But don’t fake it if you want something real.”

He nodded. “Dee and Sage left shortly after you did. I don’t know where they went. Jin’s been watching us.”

I nodded. “I’ll stay home the today. But I think I need to go out again tonight.”

Matt nodded. “Okay. Chris liked staying here last night, all of us slept in the family bed. She curled up with Drake and Jin stayed with us. It was nice having her here.”

I smiled, “Tell her that, maybe her and Xi will stick around more often during family time.”

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