Not My Thing

His fingers were warm against her cool skin. Dee squirmed when Nox touched her. “Sit Still” he chided her. Dee froze but she couldn’t help moving when his fingers found another ticklish spot. Nox moved behind her and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled, her head went back with ease and Dee felt a fear flutter through her. “I said sit still.” Sitting still was difficult when big strong hands were being tender and light on her skin. Sitting still and being submissive was even harder.

Nox was tender as he unbuttoned her shirt and pushed it off her shoulders. Even in Master mode Dee noticed that Nox folded the shirt and set it aside neatly. A mess would drive him crazy. There was a smirk across Dee’s lips when Nox came back to squat in front of her. He tilted her chin up, “Something funny duckling?”

Dee shook her head. “Then why the smirk?”

Dee sighed with relief he didn’t make her say it and he didn’t chide her for not using master. This was all so very new. And it was terrifying her. But Nox was being gentle. She didn’t expect that of a man who knew how to play the role. At least that was what Leah had said. She said he was an excellent Dom. She said it was sad that he preferred the bottom to the top. Dee still didn’t understand how someone could switch so easily. And Nox was still very much a bottom in her eyes.

This really didn’t change anything. “Well?” He asked again.

Dee squirmed. “You are still a neat freak.”

His eyes went wide and there was a tug to his lips that said he found it humorous, but he didn’t want to show Dee. His eyebrow arched and Dee added, “master.”

“I should make you fold your clothes.”

Dee ducked her head. “No thank you master.”

He laughed. It wasn’t a funny laugh, more a laugh that said I was so in for it. Nox stood up and crooked his finger. “Stand up.”

Dee followed the instruction but almost fell over when she did. Nox was chuckling again at her clumsiness but he helped steady her. Always so caring.

By the time Dee’s clothes were off, Nox had counted off four more infractions of not sitting still. He stood in front of Dee, not quite towering over her, but close enough that Dee was afraid to look up at him, so she stared straight at his chest. She wouldn’t tolerate that from a submissive in a scene, but he didn’t seem to care. And Dee wasn’t submissive. She was certain of that. This wasn’t fun.

“What shall I do to make you sit still?” He grinned. “I could tie you up.”

Dee’s eyes flashed fear and arousal mixed. But his next words doused any hope of it. “But that won’t teach you anything.”

He smiled. “Punishment for not sitting still, you can’t come until I say so.” Dee’s body quivered at his words. He purred them into her ear and even though the words were pure horror for Dee, she had never tried to reign in her desire, her passion, his voice was soft and husky and sent shivers across her skin. Nox chuckled in her ear before he started to suck on her ear lobe. “I’m going to have fun trying to push you there. And let’s say you need to be quiet too. That should be fun.” He bit her ear lobe and she yelped.

“That’s not very quiet duckling.” He said, his voice caressing her skin.

“Lie down, hands above your head, don’t move and don’t say a thing.”

Dee did as she was instructed and she watched the heat in his eyes darken, his pupils blown he was enjoying this. His cock was hard, he hadn’t even bothered to put clothes on. He was beautiful. He’d been gorgeous before, scars and all, but his pristine body with only the living tattoo on his skin was beautiful. His tattoo was like a real life vine except the flowers on it were all different. She watched as one of the flowers on his chest opened up fully, the other two were entwined together like they were making love to each other.

Nox glanced down to his chest and smirked, “Are you enjoying the show?” He looked over to where he knew the camera was and Dee froze. Sage and Dev were watching. She turned back to the tattoo on his chest and realized what was happening. She gasped in shock.

“That’s not quiet Dee.” Dee returned her attention to Nox’s face and his eyes were darker now. He picked up her foot and kissed it gently. He kissed up one leg and down the other. He pampered her. Pampered his submissive. Dee squirmed and Nox chuckled again but he didn’t say hold still. Dee expected he was keeping count, and holding a grudge for her disobedience.

Her body was wound so tight, he never once went near an erogenous zone. Didn’t touch her breasts, or her neck, and he strayed far from the wetness between her legs and Dee was so wet. So ready to be fucked, but he teased and teased. Her moans got louder and he stayed away.

He left her lying on the bed. Lying staring at the ceiling as he walked around the room to a panel in his wall and opened it. He pulled out a device she’d seen only once before in a video of Nox and Sage. It was a hot video, Nox showing Sage his toy box. But Dee hadn’t actually seen any of the contents. Nox plugged the electric wand in and ran it over his arm . Dee heard the pop and watched him wince a little in pain. He turned it down and tried again. He did it several times before walked over to her with the device.

Dee shuddered and clamped her legs together. “You have a lot to learn about holding still duckling.” Dee’s eyes were large as she watched the device near the tender skin of her stomach. He pressed it firmly to her skin and it was cold and tingly as he ran it across the soft supple skin. And then he lifted it and it popped as it left her skin. “Ow.”

He smirked. He turned it down just a little but he didn’t test it on his own skin. But now instead of pressing it to her stomach he hovered over her nipple and the electricity jumped ship snapping against her hardening buds. Dee’s body quivered and her back arched. “You can’t come Duckling.” What would he do if she did was her only thought, he wasn’t going to hit her, he didn’t do that. He feared being hit so he never hit unless it was in the ring.

Her body was a pile of nerves tender to the touch and each snap of electricity brought her closer and closer to a climax she wasn’t sure she could stop.

And then it all stopped. Dee opened her eyes to find Nox standing there watching her, the device still in his hands as he spread her legs and stood between then. His free hand running over her clit with tender touches, her body shivered in pleasure. His fingers sank deep inside her and did this thing and she couldn’t help the sound that escaped her lips. The device came down just above her clit and snapped against her sensitive spot and she screamed out her pleasure. Nox sighed and set the device down and removed his fingers and Dee whimpered.

“You can’t sit still. You can’t keep quiet.” He sighed and laid down on top of her pinning his body against hers. Fear lanced through her he was going to make her physically. He put mouth on hers and kissed tenderly at first and then he pushed into her mouth, taking what he wanted. Dee responded with a furious kiss back. She moaned into his mouth. And he pulled away.

He pressed his hand over her mouth and pinned her arms with his other hand above her head as he pressed inside. “Do not come until I say so.”

But Dee was too worked up, her body out of her control. He trust inside her and she arched her back as she was about to come and then Nox stopped pulled out and stood up. He grabbed his own cock and she watched him as he stroked harder and faster and then he came over all over her legs . Dee stared at him with wide eyes. He was going to leave her like this. On the verge of her climax.

Nox laid down on his bed and smirked at her. She sat up and looked back at him. “You suck.”

He laughed. “You don’t apparently. But you are shitty at following orders.”

She frowned at him. “So now what?”

“You apparently are done with the game. Did you learn anything?” Nox asked.

“That you suck.” She said.

“Would you like to come?” He asked.

“Yes.” She glanced down at his cock, “But you aren’t there.”

He rolled his eyes. “You know how to fix that.”

She stared at Nox with wide eyes. He laughed, “Suck my cock!”

His voice wasn’t tender and he wasn’t playing the game. Dee did as she was instructed but not because he said but because her body ached to be around him. She could have gone to see Dev and Sage they were clearly fucking if the flower on Nox’s chest were any indication. Nox lie on the bed his head propped up by his hands. His eyes were closed and he laid still while Dee sucked his cock. She plied her fingers to his rim and he didn’t even make a sound. He didn’t move for her to give her room. But his cock said he was enjoying it. He bit his bottom lip. Dee knew that look, he was enjoying this. She shoved a finger inside and the grip on his lip got tigther. He didn’t make a sound, he didn’t move when she bit his inner thigh.

Dee saw the effect she was having on him. His cock stood straighter. He would bit through his bottom if he kept at it. Dee groaned against his cock and stopped her ministrations so she could ride his long hard cock and bring her self. He wasn’t interested in helping.

She slide on to his length and his eyes opened and met her and he smiled. Dee placed her hands on his shoulders and lifted off him and slammed down. It wasn’t long before she was coming around him, which sent him off and he spilled inside of her. His seed shooting deep inside as she pressed him down, she devoured his lips. Her last lingering thought before she drifted of to sleep in his arms were – that’s how it was supposed to be.

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