In addition to the monkey suit I had already donned. I put on thick eye liner and redyed my tips in shades of orange and red. Looked like I was topping a fire, but Dee was making me wear the monkey suit this was my retaliation.

Dee came up behind me while I applied the last line of eye liner and gave me an appraising look. “I could do without the hair but you look presentable.” Dee ran her fingers down my back and I closed my eyes as I froze. My breathing in creased and my pulse quickened and I could feel beads of sweat forming at my temples. The scars might be gone, but the emotional damage was far too deep. I trusted Dev and Sage to touch me, but not Dee. She still smacked my ass when I repeatedly asked her not to. She pushed my boundaries. It was also why I never let her tie me up, or top me. I would submit to a degree but I only did what I wanted to do. I never obeyed without question. And neither Sage or Dev were into the D/s scene and I was more inclined to pass over on a woman top much to Dee’s disappointment.

We waved at Dev and Manson as we left the floor through the only elevator. It used to have a coded key to get in now it was publicly available and our key code was on the living space doors.

Dee wanted to go ballroom dancing. I knew a place. When it came to dancing I usually did. Dee was awe inspired by my choices. She was learning to waltz in our gym. She felt comfortable dancing with me that she wanted to do this – so here we were walking to the dance studio I once learned how to dance at. Every Friday night they had a ‘gala’ of sorts. Admission and an open bar. It was a small sourie but it was nice. I’d not been back since I stopped taking lessons.

Dee was wrapped around me as we walked. Her white gloved hand tucked into my pocket. “This doesn’t look like a grand ballroom.”

I grinned at her. “It’s not, just wait till you see inside.”

And it was impressive when the dance floor was turned into a ballroom. It normally was covered in ceiling to floor and wall to wall mirrors but now red curtains hung down from the ceiling blocking those mirrors. The chandelier was fully lit and it was stunning.

She was awed. As I expected her to be. We met my former teacher Ms. Sara and we talked with a few other patrons before Dee would go out on the dance floor with me. And she only went because she recognized the tune and knew she could dance the box step to it. It wasn’t difficult, but I kept my mouth shut and she took up position.

I looked down at her and she smiled. “Thank you for taking me dancing.”

I grinned back at her, “You know I can’t say no to dancing.”

“Even if I make you wear fancy clothes?”

“Even if.” I said as I pressed a kiss to her cheek.

“We get along so well, why is it so hard, Nox?” She asked.

“It’s not hard Dee.” I sighed. Really tired of this conversation. She was pouting. “I love you, Dee.”

“Yeah but you love Sage and Dev more.” She pleaded and the couple next to us took a wide step away from us.

“What about I like men don’t you understand?” I asked.

Dee realized her voice was carrying and whispered, “You’ve fucked countless women, Nox.”

“I never fell in love with them.” I said flatly.

“You never fell in love with men either.”

I sighed. “Dee, I’m sorry. Do you want me to say it?”

“Say what?” I could see her fury in her eyes but she was just whispering.

“I’m gay. A fag, a queer. I. like. men. I have issues stemming far beyond my mommy issues Dee that make me not trust women. I love you as far as I’m capable of. I don’t see my life without you in it. And sure as fuck don’t want another woman in my bed other than you, so what the fuck is the problem? You have Dev and Sage wrapped around your fucking little finger. You don’t need me to love you, you just want me to be like them when you call. You’re a greedy little bitch.” I said and then walked away. I walked out of the studio and into the street. I walked to the train station and that’s where I stopped.

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