Dumpster Diving

We hadn’t walked more than a few steps before I heard crying. It was muffled and I could have almost missed it. But it was there. I stopped and Ant looked at me then looked around. The others did too.

The smallest boy pointed in the direction of a dumpster. “There.”

Rob frowned as I headed towards the dumpster leaving him to hang from Ant’s arms instead of mine. He didn’t exactly like being near a vampire. Ant was scary in that hot creepy kinda way. He’d never made me afraid of him. But then again I liked tall dark and handsome with the possibility of breaking me in half on a general principle. Until I met Sage, and then all the changed. Blue eyes seemed to be my go to now. Though both of my boys weren’t small in the least, even Sage had some bulk to him, he liked to swim and stay active. He was the most active hacker I knew. Even Adam made fun of him for going out to play paint ball with his office buddies. Adam was more the dungeon and dragon’s sit your mom’s basement type of hacker.

It shows you what upbringing did. Two boy, split up young raised with different ideals. Sage was pack through and through he loved the out doors he just couldn’t take his electronics with him. But technology was catching up, and Sage was getting better with his ability.

Having been suitably side tracked by my thoughts the dumpster was a lot closer than I remembered. But the noise was still muffled. I lifted the lid and found nothing out of the ordinary except for a loud screech of a baby crying and a cat flying out of the dumpster like it had been trapped in their for days.

“I don’t see it.” Ant said.

I hadn’t either and was already climbing into the dumpster, praying to the universe I didn’t step on the child while I was hunting for the baby’s cries.

I let my senses go. Garbage wasn’t going to have any pattern to it but maybe I could feel the life in the trash. I was learning all sorts of tricks maybe this was one of them. I felt the heart beats of those connected to me. I felt Ant’s cold pulse in my throat, I had to close my eyes to push it away. I didn’t like feeling the desire to bite him, to take the life force from him. But I didn’t feel that way with Sage or Dev and Dee. I felt their pulse in my heart and I wanted to just drift off into happiness but I knew that it wasn’t all happiness. I tried to look outside those connected to me to find them. But there was nothing but the call of those I felt anyway. But I didn’t stop moving items slowly and methodically.

I removed a cardboard pizza box from the top of my current location and carefully set it behind me when the screech sounded again and I turned quickly to see a small baby wrapped in a plastic bag, only it’s nose and mouth peaking through by some miracle. I was tearing the plastic away and saw a scrawny little black baby girl, her eyes so dark the pupil got lost in it, her hair was matted and curled with debris. She wasn’t a newborn from the size of her, a few months old at least. I picked her up and held her to my chest, “It’s all right. I got you.” I wrapped her in my arms and threads of warmer air to snuggle her in against me nice and warm. She was shaking and shivering and there was no way on earth this child would have survived for much longer.

Ant laughed, “And then there were three more.”

I looked at Ant with a frown. “I can’t just leave them.”

Ant nodded. “I know, Nox. I know.”

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