Hector and Elena had gone off and I hadn’t followed them. I found Darwynn sitting in the same chair Ieft him and I wanted to flop down next to him and just ignore everything, but that wasn’t me was it? I sighed as I tapped my friend on the shoulder. He stood up with the grace of a Therian and followed me out the door. I wrapped him behind my veil and through up a cone of silence as well. No sound got out and Darwynn never even noticed.

“I have a feeling the building bombed was a Venatori safe house that James and the other found out about. They plan on blowing up the AU building like you suggested – tomorrow. I can’t let that happen.” I told Darwynn.

“What are you going to do?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know what I can do. I can’t evacuate the whole building. If I call in a bomb threat things go sideways. I can’t hunt for bombs. I don’t know if they are laid, or if they are going to be planted later. And even if found the bombs what would I do with them. I know nothing about bombs.”

Darwynn sighed, “You could do it the diplomatic way, and ask them to stop?” He rolled his own eyes, “I know you don’t want to hear this, but you are Ascendant. You know how leadership works in the Therian communities right?”

“Yeah the strongest leads, same as the Venatori and vampires.” I said.

“How do they prove they are the strongest?” Darwynn asked.

“By killing their predecessor in Therian communities.” I said. “Venatori used to do that, the vampires just succeed.” I sighed, “You want me to challenge James Wright?”

Darwynn shrugged as I added, “You know how pissed off Dee, Sage and Dev will be if I do that?”

“What other options do you have?”

I sighed. “None. I’m the Ascendant.”Just fuck.

I picked up the phone and I called Dev. Dev answered. “Hey Pretty boy, we were just about to start sound check so I can’t talk long.”

“I don’t need long Dev.”

“What’s wrong?”

“You know me so well.” I sighed. “I have to challenge the leader of the CCB to stop him from killing all the Venatori and innocent humans in the AU building. Which means I could fail and die.”

Dev laughed, “You really think you’ll lose, much less die if you do? You really don’t pay attention do you. I don’t know why you are telling me this, even if I say no you’ll still do it.”

“I’m sorry I called.” I said and just before I was about to hang up I heard Dev shouting through the phone.

“Fuck Nox. Stop. Don’t Hang Up.”

I sighed and put the phone to my ear, “What?”

“Look I’m sorry. You just make me angry – a lot apparently.”

“I’m sorry.” I heard the defeat in my voice. I couldn’t do this with Dev mad at me all the time.

“I’m just mad I’m not there. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I know you’ll be careful. I know you’ll do the right thing for us, not just for everyone else. I’m being selfish. I’ll learn to control my anger better, Pretty boy, I promise.”

I shrugged. “I don’t like the fact that I piss you off this much.”

“Stop it right now, Nox. No fucking pity party. I love you. Fucking drank blood for you. I’m not going anywhere, even if I yell and scream and run away from you. I’ll be back. I can’t stay away.” Dev admitted.

“I’m sorry I’m not easy to live with.”

“Stop, baby. I don’t want to hear that from you. Go save the world. I’ll be fine. I love you, Nox.”

“I love you, Dev.” I wanted to say I’m sorry but I kept it to myself. “I’ll call you when it’s over.”

“You better!” Dev said before he smacked a kiss and hung up the phone.

If Dev was pissed, I can’t imagine Sage was going to take it any better. But I called him too. Sage picked up on the second ring, “I already know.”

“You know what?”

“That you are going to go save the stupid idiots who made your life hell. I don’t want to know how. Don’t tell me. I just know you are going to do it. Ant says he’ll meet you outside the Night Life building for whatever you plan. I don’t want to know Nox.”

“I love you Sage.”

“I love you too. You die again I’m going to kick your ass.”

I laughed. “Deal.”

Sage sighed, “Come back to us, Nox.”

“I will. I promise.”

Sage whispered his good bye I could hear him biting down the anger to yell at me. I should call Dee.

But when I did I got voice mail. “Hey Dee, I know you are busy with your Dad. But I just wanted to say I love you and I’m about to do something you’ll be angry at me for, but I have to do it. I’m sorry. I love you and you can berate me when it’s all done. Love you.”

I hung up with Dee’s voice mail and looked at Darwynn who was politely ignoring my phone conversations. “Ant will meet outside of the Night Life building. Take me where I need to go to find James.”

Darwynn nodded. “As you wish, boss.”

And so the plan was made…. I was about to take on a werelion who had forcefully taken over the CCB because he thought he could do better. I just wanted to save the Venatori. Why? I don’t know but I couldn’t let all those people die. I mean I did try to save Garrett, these people are no worse than him. Why was I such a good guy?

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  1. There were so many moments that made me grin when I read this chapter.

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    Just happy grinning. :)

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