Chris’s Mom

Darwynn stuck around after breakfast. He took Fae aside and was planning ondoing the whole, have you felt the change come on talk. It wasn’t expected at 16, more like 22 but with kids like Fae who had self confidence issues and was not even expected to make it this far they changed early as a special preservation mechanism. And he had already partially changed even if he didn’t know how.

Dev went off into his studio and Sage to his computer room. Dee was decidedly absent while I cooked. Jin came around from the back of our house and noted the time. “Chris’s mom will be here soon, where would you like to meet her?”

“I’m cooking so here is good. Can you make sure I have a few wine glasses out and a cold white?”

Jin nodded, “Of course, Nox. I’ll bring her right through then.”

“Sounds great.” Jin went to the cupboard and pulled out two wine glasses and a bottle of white wine from the wine cooler behind me and set them on the bar so that they were handy, then the my tiny PA went off in the direction of TCP to wait on Chris’s mom’s arrival.

It wasn’t but ten minutes before Jin was walking back with two women following her – well one woman and a teenage girl and I laughed, which caught her mother off guard, “Something funny Mr. Davenport?”

“My name is Nox Sétanta, I’m Matt’s legal guardian not his father.”

Her mouth formed a little o, “I’m sorry. I’m Cindy Glass, this is my daughter Christina.”

I wiped my hands on the apron I was wearing and shook her hand, then placed a kiss on her third knuckle, “A pleasure Ms. Glass.” I pointed in the direction Matt and Drake had gone – likely to the home theater to play games again. “Chris, Matt is back that way, if you’d like to go find him.”

She nodded. “Thank you.” And she skipped through my kitchen and stopped at the door way. “Everything smells great.”

“Thanks sweetheart. I do hope you’ll stay with us.”

“Mr. Sétanta, can I ask what was so funny when I walked in?”

“It’s Nox. Nothing was funny really. When Matt asked if Chris would stay I assumed Chris was a boy and pointedly asked him if Chris was his boyfriend. His exact words were, “Chris is not my boyfriend.” He neglected to tell me Chris was a she and not a he. I won’t make that mistake twice.”

“So he really is gay?” She asked.

I nodded. “Matt likes boys. He has since I met him. It’s not a reflection of our relationships here.”


I smiled. “Matt didn’t tell Chris?”

“She’s not very forth coming about Matt.”

“Ah. I’m in a poly-amorous relationship with two other men and a woman.”

Her mouth formed into that cute little o again and I chuckled. “And you are all in love?” she asked.

I nodded. “Yes, at least I think so. But we are in a committed serious relationship.”

“I was concerned about Chris spending the night at a boy’s house. Are there any other teenage boys?”

I nodded, “Yes, but I wouldn’t worry about Faelen. He’s shy and is confused at the moment.”


“He sees us and is confused. He had a rough start in life and didn’t expect to be happy and now that he is and can grow and experience love for himself he’s confused. He’s very attracted to Matt but we think it has to do with the brotherly bond that they share and Fae doesn’t understand it.”

“That’s what his therapist believes and we’ve seen it too. He reacts to Matt differently than he does when he sees a pretty girl. We have a spare bedroom and the boys in general behave well when told not to do something. I wouldn’t worry about her, if you are okay with her staying we will take good care of Chris while she’s here.”

“You’re certain none of the other boys then…”

I laughed. “Matt hasn’t introduced us to his boyfriend yet, but I’m assured Andrew is coming tonight but Andrew is not allowed to spend the night. And Matt only asked if Chris could stay. I will keep an eye on her personally while the other boys are here from school.”

“A helicopter parent? I don’t think she’ll like that much. I love it.”

I grinned. I wasn’t a helicopter parent – was I? But super hearing and super sight was something I had grown accustomed to. Apparently so had the boys. “She’s welcome to stay now, as are you. Jin could show you around the place and meet the rest of the family, Ms. Glass.”

“You can call me Cindy, and I’d think I’d like to see where Chris’s best friend lives.”

Jin put her hand on the small of her back and ushered her out of the kitchen, I heard Cindy ask, “So are you their female companion?”

Jin laughed, “Heavens no. I’m Nox’s personal assistant, without me he falls apart.”

I grinned at her confidence, but she was absolutely right, in the past few months Jin had become my calendar, my alarm clock, my schedule and so many other things I had relied on before. I wasn’t constantly carrying my phone everywhere I went. Instead I had two constant shadows.

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