Dev and I managed to get dressed and showered without too much more making out. We were alone minus Ant which meant it was difficult at best. We waited outside the hotel doors while Ant stared at the threshold. Then sun through the pane glass windows were not burning his skin, he felt drawn to it. You could see the awe in his face as he peered through Dev’s sunglasses.And even then he complained the sun was too bright. I couldn’t imagine the fear that had to be going through his mind. For 800 some odd years Ant has lived in Darkness. His mother’s research had given him the joys of living in the sunlight to some degree but after hundreds of years in the shadows even that was tough. He still shied away from it.

Now he stood on the break of stepping foot in daylight for the first time. He’d been out in the sun before, always under cover of clothing and high SPF sun block and took to the shadows immediately. Today Ant stood in a t-shirt and jeans – his long leather coat slung over his long arm while he decided if he wanted to open the door and test his desire. The sun beckoned and he was hesitant to answer. I didn’t blame him one bit.

Dev stood with his arm wrapped around my waist as we waited on the curb for Ant to come out. His first steps were tentative and he held the door ready to flee the moment he felt the burn. But there was not even a hint of smoke. He looked perfectly normal except everyone else was wearing their coats.

Ant stared up into the sky and took a few more steps. He looked across the way at me and the grin he had was pure magic. “I’d kiss you…” Ant said and left the rest of it alone, we all knew the rest of it. He was overjoyed.

Dev unfurled from my body and took Ant’s hand and dragged him ahead of me. “I’m starving.”

My stomach rumbled and Ant’s followed which drew all of our attention to him. “Me too?” He said with a shrug.

We all had a lot of things to get used to it seemed.

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