My Office

I followed Ant through the living space and out the door into what was considered the lobby of TCP. It had entrances to the home theater, the gym, the computer lab and of course our house. Among all the office space for TCP. Which to me was a lot of wasted space. The only two rooms I used were my office and the conference room. Cari’s layout of the office space was all glass walls – she said transparency or the illusion of so was what I needed. I wasn’t hiding anything. You saw exact you got. There was definitely going to be no office sex which was a slight disappointment but such is life. At least none while it was business hours.

But TCP didn’t just have offices, there were a few apartments here too. Jin and her brother Xi had one. Ant’s apartment was still a floor down. He didn’t really want to be up here this close to the sun he said. As if one floor below as any safer but whatever. Vin on the other hand he had an apartment in the basement with several other vampires. Isabel had an apartment and there were a few more all empty – waiting for whoever else became my ambassadors or whatever Cari wanted to call them. Darwynn had an apartment here too but he was never here.

My office was sparse, nothing hung on the walls – hard to hang things on glass. My desk was just as sparse though. Sage rigged me up a nice computer to use taught me about half the bells and whistles. I stopped him before he was done told him he was making me hot with all the computer talk. Which made my boy blush and we went to our bedroom. He was more than happy to take care of my growing problem.

Ant sat down in one of the guest chairs and I joined me in front of my desk.

“What did you want to talk about?” I asked.

Ant smiled. “Mostly wanted to get you away from the poison Adam was spewing. You’d take offense and then I might have to hurt Sage’s big brother which would piss you off even more so I’m taking you away from all of it.”

“Thanks. I think.” I said grinning at him.

“But I did want to talk to you about Valence. Mother knows you are busy today and tomorrow. Monday she says you should talk to him. Maybe he’ll help us find Brandon or figure out what’s going on in their heads.”

“Can he get out? or away?”

Ant shook his head. “No Evangeline and Alec both have powerful vampires standing guard at all times. Valence was good at dominating and controlling others but he didn’t heed the necessity to be immune to their powers since he always had the upper hand he thought he had it controlled.”

“What’s different now?”

Ant shrugged. “A lot of things. Evangeline and Alec are working together, so their combined powers are stronger. You.”


Ant nodded. “We’ve all noticed it. Those that swear direct fealty to you in the way only vampires can we gain in our ability. So Alec and Evangeline who are indebted to you and swore to follow you with power and blood have a new push in their mastery. It’s one reason some of the Master vamps have recently come to you like Bernstein and Desmond seeking your seal of approval.”

“I hate this you know.”

Ant laughed. “I know. Being King of the Vampires is a rough gig. The council only exists because of you. Nate and Virgil both need to be replaced. And they are searching for the most powerful but the vampires are in hiding in fear I suspect.”

“Couldn’t we call them like I did Morana’s creations?”

Ant gave me an all knowing grin. “You could. I’m sure Evangeline and Alec would very much like to assist in that.”

“I’m sure they would. Do you think we can house them here?”

Ant shrugged. “The basement has some room. The estate in Italy can hold more who have we know who won’t head tail at the first chance. We can house a few here, and on our floor. Mom can process quickly as can you. Maybe Dev can help with the dream walkers. Me and You can probably manage the elementals with ease.”

“Can I process all the New Yorkers first and then reach out further and pull them in. Pull out the farthest reaches first?”

“Yeah. I think that would best.”

“I’ll have Jin make an appointment with Alec and Evangeline and we’ll work on it.”

Ant smiled. “You like Jin don’t you?”

“She’s great. I’m glad your mom introduced us. But I feel bad that she’s not like family.”

“She will be. It always takes one of Cari’s new people to fit in.”

“Jin thinks she’s just help. I can’t do what I do without her now. Sage probably would have rigged a shock collar to my neck for reminders.”

Ant laughed. “I doubt it.” Ant nodded, “Isn’t that Chris’s mom leaving.”

I nodded. “Yeah, let me go make sure all is well.”

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