Waking Up

I heard a voice in the darkness, a voice I’d never heard. “I was the first.” A familiar voice sounded next, “I was the second.” Together they spoke, “You are the final.” The voices echoed in the darkness and I heard things outside of me, my surroundings coming back into focus. I blinked my eyes open and saw three sets of eyes staring back at … Continue reading Waking Up


Outside of the Night Life building Ant waiting in a patch of shade. He had bought a new pair of sunglasses and was tapping mine in the palm of his hand. He didn’t smile when he saw me. He handed me the pair of glasses and fell in step next to me, “So what’s the plan?” “I become leader of the Celestial Body.” We walked … Continue reading Challenges


Hector and Elena had gone off and I hadn’t followed them. I found Darwynn sitting in the same chair Ieft him and I wanted to flop down next to him and just ignore everything, but that wasn’t me was it? I sighed as I tapped my friend on the shoulder. He stood up with the grace of a Therian and followed me out the door. … Continue reading Plans

Right Behind You

Before I was out of the Night Life building Darwynn was by my side. “Hey boss.” “Stop calling me that.” Darwynn chuckled. “Not on your life boss. “ I sighed. “What did you find out about the Architects?” Darwynn shrugged, “Not much. It takes finesse to find out about secret organization.” I nodded. “Just asking.” I said. “I know.” He grinned. “I’m surprised you didn’t … Continue reading Right Behind You


Twenty minutes later the boys were in separate rooms being checkout and the little girl was taken from me and whisked off to infant care. Rob was in a room with his girlfriend. They were talking in hushed whispers while I waited outside with Ant. He kept stealing glances at me, “What?” I asked. “Dad, always looks good on you.” He sighed, “But you can’t … Continue reading Explosions